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Chinese Special Weapons Contractors

Institutional Trends

Enterprise Staff
Xinshidai Group
CASC China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation 110,000
1st Academy CALT China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology 27,000
4th Academy ARMT Academy of Rocket Motors Technology 12,000
5th Academy CAST China Academy of Space Technology 10,000
8th Academy SAST Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology 30,000
9th Academy CASET China Academy of Space Electronics Technology 10,000
062 Base Sichuan Space Industry Corporation 6,000
067 Base Shaanxi Lingnan Machinery Corporation 1,100
CAMEC China Aerospace Machinery and Electronics Corporation 150,000
2nd Academy CCF China Chang Feng Mechanics and Electronics Technology 16,000
3rd Academy CHETA China Hai Yang Electro-Mechanical Technology 15,000
061 Base China Jiangnan Space Industry Company Group 30,000
066 Base Sanjiang Space Group 16,000
068 Base Hunan Space Agency
7th Academy CSCBI China Space Civil and Building Engineering 1,000
THMC TaiYuan Heavy Machinery Corporation
Yunnan Space Group 3,500
CGWIC China Great Wall Industry Corporation
CLTC China Satellite Launch and TT&C General 20,000
HIT Harbin Institute of Technology
CEC China Electronics Corporation
NRIET Nanjing Research Institute of Electronics Technology 5,500
AVIC-I Aviation Industries of China 240,000
CAC Chengdu Aircraft Industry Corporation
HAMC Harbin Aircraft Manufacturing Corporation 16,000
NAMC Nanchang Aircraft Manufacturing Company
CAC Shanxi Aircraft Company
SAC Shenyang Aircraft Corporation 30,000
XAC Xian Aircraft Company 20,000
AVIC-II Aviation Industries of China - II 210,000
CSSC China State Shipbuilding Corporation
Bohai Shipyard
CSIC China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation
CNNC China National Nuclear Corporation 300,000
9th Academy Northwest Academy of Nuclear Weapons R&D
NINT Northwest Institute of Nuclear Technology
CAEP Southwest Institute / Academy of Engineering Physics
2nd Institute BINE Beijing Institute of Nuclear Engineering 1,800
401 Institute CIAE China Institute of Atomic Energy 4,200
Bureau of Geology
CAS Chinese Academy of Sciences
IAPCM Institute of Applied Physics and Computational Mathematics
SINR Shanghai Institute of Nuclear Research 800
State Ministry of Education
Fudan University

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