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Shenyang Aircraft Corporation [SAC]

Shenyang Aircraft Corporation [SAC], with some 30,000 employees, has emerged as China's largest fighter aircraft enterprise since its establishment in 1953. SAC is divided into four divisions: civilian aircraft and ancillary equipment, military aircraft, and civilian products (non-aviation related, from construction materials to passenger buses).

The Shenyang Airframe Plant is approximately 2nm north of Shenyang, and immediately west of Shenyang Airfield North. As of early 1963 the Aircraft Assembly Plant had 5 large fabrication and 20 associated buildings, a wind tunnel, and a power plant. The Shenyang Aircraft Engine Plant is located approximately 2 nm. ESE of the old walled city of Shen-Yang (Mukden), on the NE edge of Mukden airfield, and immediately east of Shen-Yang Arsenal. As of early 1963 the plant contained five large fabrication buildings and approximately twenty smaller associated buildings, as well as a recently constructed power plant, underground POL storage, and six engine test cells. Immediately west of the Shenyang Aircraft Engine Plant is the associated Shenyang Arsenal. As of early 1963 the road-and rail-served arsenal contained 6 large and approximately 30 other fabrication buildings, numerous associated buildings, a heat/power plant, and 14 engine test cells and one possible test cell.

Shenyang Aircraft provided assitance to the Harbin Aircraft Manufacturing Corporation (HAMC) and Xian Aircraft Company (XAC) for the production of the H-6 (Badger) under a licensing agreement from the Soviet Union. Shenyang Aircraft provided assitance to Nanchang Aircraft for the production of the Q-5.

A joint venture has been established at SAC to produce the Su-27 aircraft and the associated Lyulka AL-31 turbofan engine.

Shenyang Aircraft Corporation has formed a joint production venture with Boeing for producing whole tail sections and cargo doors. SAC in the past has done work for British Aerospace, Airbus, and Lockheed, and currently has a manufacturing sub-assembly venture with Canadian firm Bombardier Aerospace. Boeing maintains a sizeable expatriate presence in Shenyang to support the project and has built a strong working relationship with the Chinese. Shenyang Aircraft Corporation has been involved in manufacturing parts for Airbus aircraft as well as maintenance tools.

The venture with Boeing, the main components of SAC's civilian aircraft section, has two main projects so far, the tail sections and airplane doors, as well as the constructure of a world-class production facility. SAC has imported all parts and raw materials from American suppliers in order to meet required quality control standards.

The cooperation with Boeing and McDonnell Douglas, along with smaller projects for airplane companies from Isreal, Germany, Canada and the U.K., make up the company's so called "key product line" , and form the foundation for SAC's reforms from failing SOE to a market driven corportation.

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