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Iraqi Special Weapons Facilities

This is a partial inventory of major Iraqi special weapons facilities. Compilation of such an inventory is a surprisingly complex challenge. It is complicated by Iraqi concealment initiatives in the 1970s and 1980s, which remain surprisingly effective today. These operational security measures included extensive compartmentation of projects, assigning a variety of entity names to specific physical locations. Physical concealment measures during the 1980s included:

The correlation between commonly cited entity names and identifiable geographical place names is a persistent problem, which is compounded by inconsistencies in transliteration from Arabic to English. While UNSCOM inspectors eventually uncovered more than 20 sites involved in the Iraqi nuclear program, 16 of which were described as "main facilities," the Desert Storm target list on 16 January 1991 contained only two nuclear-related targets. Badush, Baiji, Al Qaim, Samarra, Akashat, Al Fallujah, Baghdad, Salman Pak, Musayyib, and Basra were identified as chemical and biological warfare related locations by USCENTCOM as of September 1990. [GulfLINK] But in the CIA Report on Intelligence Related to Gulf War Illnesses, [dated 2 August 1996], the number of sites suspected to have been connected to Iraq's chemical warfare program alone, totaled 34. UNSCOM conducted chemical weapons-related inspections at over 60 locations.

Imagery Locale Entity Latitude Longitude Nuclear CW Control
BW Missile
Abu Ghurayb Project 600 3318'N 4416'E
Akashat 3315'N 4035'E
Al Furat 3302'N 4403'E
Al Hadre 3518'N 4237'E
Al Haytham 3124'N 4605'E
Al Mamoun 3301'N 4413'E
Al Manal Dawrah 3349'N 4442'E
Al Qaim 3422'N 4107'E
Al Safa 3325'N 4434'E
Al Sharqat al-Fajr 3527'N 4316'E
An Nasiriyah 3102'N 4616'E
Aqaba 3308'N 4421'E
Baghdad 3320'N 4423'E
Baghdad Radwaniyah Palace 33??'N 44??'E
Baghdad Petrochemical-3 33??'N 44??'E
Baghdad al-Masbar 33??'N 44??'E
Baghdad Nassr 3325'N 4423'E
Basrah 3030'N 4750'E
Darwah [Dora] Al Farouq 332?'N 441?'E
Dhu Al Figar 325?'N 435?'E
Fallujah I Habbaniyah I 3321'N 4346'E
Fallujah II Habbaniyah II 3228'N 4339'E
Fallujah III Habbaniyah III 3328'N 4347'E
Jabal Hamrin Babylon 3430'N 4430'E
Jabal Makhul 3510'N 4325'E
Jurf as Sakhr Al Hakam 3252'N 4413'E
Kamisiyah Tall al Lahm 3046'N 4629'E
Karama 332?'N 441?'E
Latifiyah 3301'N 4410'E
Latifiyah Taj al-Ma'arik 3301'N 4410'E
Mosul Al Kindi / Saad-16 36??'N 43??'E
Mosul Al Jesira 36??'N 43??'E
Mosul 3620'N 4308'E
Muhammadiyat 3312'N 4228'E
Musayyib Al Atheer 3246'N 4417'E
Osiraq 3312'N 4431'E
Rashidiya Center for Engineering Design 3333'N 4422"E
Salman Pak 3319'N 4410'E
Samarra Muthanna 3350'N 4346'E
Shahiyat Al Rafah 3303'N 4344'E
Taji Balat al Shuhada 3331'N 4416'E
Taji 3333'N 4418'E
Tarmiya Al Hareth 3340'N 4423'E
Tharthar 3343'N 4329'E
Tikrit 3436'N 4342'E
Tuwaitha Al Asil / IAEC 3312'N 4431'E
Yawm al Azim Balat al Shuhada 323?'N 442?'E
Yusufiyah Al Qa Qaa / Badr 3304'N 4415'E
Zafaraniyah Dijla / Nida / Rabbiyah 3232'N 4629'E

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