Iraq's Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Facilities

    This is a list of Iraqi facilities engaged in work on nuclear weapons (nw), biological weapons (bw) and chemical weapons (cw).  The Iraqi National Congress has received this information from sources in Iraq.
    Some of these facilities are not currently functioning but are maintained in a condition to allow work to start again as soon as sanctions end.
Name of facility Location Products and specialisations
1 Badr General Establishment Yousefiya (30 km south of Baghdad) missile casings, mobile launchers, spare parts for casings
2 Qaqa'a General Establishment as above missile fuel, warheads
3 Al Wafa'a Gen. Est. Jurf Al Sakhar (west of Karbala) missile research
4 Al Faris Gen. Est. Abu Ghraib mechanical parts and outer structures of missiles
5 Al Wathiq Gen. Est. Al Taji (north of Baghdad) epoxy and fibreglass for missile casings
6 Ibn Majid Gen. Est. Basra missile structures, distilling vats, large metal parts
7 Heavy Industrial Gen. Est. Al Doura (Baghdad) nuclear reactor parts, high pressure equipment for reactors
8 Al Hareth Gen. Est. Tarmia (Baghdad) missile reasearch, chemical weapons containers
9 Thaet Al Sawari Gen. Est. Al Taji missile production
10 Oxide Magnesium Gen. Est. Khawr Al Zubayr (Basra) heavy water
11 Metal Conversion Gen. Est. Al Tajiyat district- Al Taji labs for nuclear fuel for PWR reactors
12 Al Kindi Gen. Est. Mosul UCL4 for the production of Uranium 235 for nuclear weapons
13 Jaber bin Hayan Gen. Est. Mosul UF6 for the production of Uranium 235 for nuclear weapons
14 Al Asil Gen. Est. Al Tuweitha (south of Baghdad) headquarters of the Iraqi Nuclear Commission
15 The Iraqi Factory Al Taji houses the new engineering centre for the nw programme
16 Salahudin Gen. Est. Tikrit mechanical spare parts for nw/bw programmes
17 Al Mansour Est. on the farm rd. bet. Qadmia/Muthana equipment for laser-guided weapons
18 Al Youm Al Adeem Jurf Al Sakhar R&D for SCUD missiles
19 Al Jazirah Skarkat (south of Mosul) chemicals for the cw programme
20 Ibn Al Athir Est. Jurf Al Sakhar nuclear warheads for the future
21 Technical Research Centre Salman Pak/Baghdad/Jurf Al Sakhar support and research for bw programme
22 Sabah Nisan Est. Jurf Al Nidaf (Baghdad) equipment for nw programme
23 Saddam Gen. Est. Yousefiya nuclear parts, lasers and optical equipment, Tahmouz missile
24 Bilad Al Shuheda Al Taji R&D for missile launchers
25 Al Muthanna Gen. Est. near Thartar Lake (outside Baghdad) biggest factory for production of chemical weapons
26 Hateen Gen. Est. Latifiya (south of Baghdad) different types of ammunition, missile parts
27 Al Faw Est. a number of locations around Baghdad digging equipment, building underground sites
28 Sabahasher Nisan Est. a number of different locations delicate measuring instruments
29 Nasr Est. Abu Ghraib (on Agarquf Road) R&D of missile control systems
30 Ur Gen. Est. Naseriya metal casings for missiles
31 Al Fida Est. Zafraniya nuclear warheads, containers for missile and nuclear fuels
32 Al Qadissiya Est. Diyala centrifuges for productions of U235
33 Al Yarmouk Gen. Est. Yousefiya missile parts, ammunition with special specifications
34 Saad 16 Est. Mosul cw equipment
35 Project 946 Tarmia U235 production
36 Al Az Est. Baghdad computer centre for missile control systems R&D
37 Al Rafah Est. Jurf Al Sakhar permanent launchers for surface to surface missiles
38 Al Jihad Gen. Est. Baghdad construction of military industrial facilities
39 Al Mujahid Gen. Est. Rashidiya (Baghdad) biological weapons facility
40 Al Walid Est. south of Baghdad training school for the Military Industrial Organisation
41 Umm Al Marik Est. Yousefiya missile fuel and warheads
42 Project 710 under Presidential Palace in Baghdad production of long-range missiles (over 710 km)
43 Project 707 as above production of short-range missiles (under 707 km)
44 Project 505 Sherkhat heavy water
45 Al Rashid Gen. Est. Khanbari mouldings and technical equipment for Nasr Est.
46 Babel Est. secret locations in the Hamrin Mts. was responsible for Supergun, now nw programme
47 Optical Centre Jadriya (behind the Science College) lasers, headed by Saddam's nephew Dr. Nafa Al Tikriti
48 Sad Al Adhim Project Hamrin Mountains disguising and transporting equipment associated with nw
49 Lithium Collection Project Hamrin Mountains headed by Dr. Ahmad Abdul Jagar Shansal
50 Heavy Water Project as above as above
51 High Pressure Project Al Qadissiya generators for making U235
52 Aqaba Ibn Nafa'a Gen. Est. Yousefiya metal casings for Project 946
53 Project 212 Jurf Al Sakhar production of chemicals used in making U235
54 Saad 13 Est. unknown electronics for weapons with help from CSF Thomson of France
55 Project 2000 Jurf Al Sakhar missiles over 2,000 km range
56 Pure Lead Project Al Tuweitha insulation for nw programme
57 Industrial Thermal Gen. Est. Faluja high temperature ovens (over 2000 deg. C.)
58 Al Shamouq Gen. Est. Baghdad R&D for Lithium Project
59 Oxide Aluminium Factory Al Taji missile casings