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Center for Engineering Design
3333'10"N 4422'21"E

Rashidiya, located in the northern outskirts of Baghdad, was a centrifuge development center engaged in centrifuge design and testing. The Rashdiya site of the Engineering Design Center had been the headquarters of the gas centrifuge enrichment program since its establishment in 1987. The Center for Engineering Design (Merkaz Tasamim al-Handassiya), located in Rashidiyya, near Baghdad (30 km north of town) was the cover name for the second uranium enrichment facility possessed by the Iraqis (along with al-Tarmiya). The CED is located on a tourist island in the old Water Research Building. This facility, which has no number designation, used a primitive centrifuge method of enrichment that can separate U235 from U238. The CED was even camouflaged during the war, and was not at all damaged or even struck by coalition airstrikes.

Rashidiya is also the main base of the Northern Corps of the Republican Guard.

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