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Missile Facilities

According to Choi Ju-hwal, who in 1995 defected from his post as Colonel and Chief of joint venture section of Yung-Seong Trading Company under the Ministry of People's Army, as well as other defectors, missile production facilities include:

According to Im Young-sun, a defector from North Korea and former leader of guard platoon in the Military Construction Bureau of the People's Armed Forces Ministry, North Korea has deployed missiles at a number of facilities:

North Korea has a brigade-sized SCUD B/C surface-to-surface missile (SSM) unit about 50 kilometers north of the DMZ at Chiha-ri, which is the main technical support base for North Korea's Scud missile brigade. In addition, several SCUD B/C facilities have also been noted in development near the DMZ. These facilities would provide North Korea with additional hardened sites that could double or triple the numbers of SSM launchers and support equipment in the forward area. There is also an intermediate range rocket basea in Sangwon-gun in Pyongyang.

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