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4024'27"N 12512'25"E

According to Im Young-sun, a defector from North Korea and former leader of guard platoon in the Military Construction Bureau of the People's Armed Forces Ministry, North Korea has deployed missiles at an intermediate-range missile base on Mt. Kanggamchan located on the opposite side of the Kane-po Fisheries Cooperatives in Jungsan County, South Pyongan Province, which was completed around 1985. A North Korean Navy surface-to-ship missile base was completed in early 1990 on the same site.

The location of this facility remains uncertain, since the NIMA GeoNET nameserver is unaware of a "Mt. Kanggamchan." We have tentatively assigned this facility to the Kangnam-sanjulgi mountains near the Sakchu chemical weapons production facility, even though this location is in North Pyongan Province.

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