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125 Factory / Pyongyang Pig Factory
3908'00"N 12546'00"E

In late 1999 it was reported that North Korea was continuing preparations for the first test of the long-range Taepo Dong 2. A classified 19 November 1999 intelligence report by the National Imagery and Mapping Agency indicated that activities photographed at a facility at Namgungni, northeast of central Pyong-yang, were consistent with test preparations. This previously unreported placename may be the 125 Factory [also called the "Pyongyang Pig Factory"] missile production facility in the Hyengjesan Area of Pyongyang, the precise location of which was previously unidentified in the public record.

In November 1999 North Korea supplied Iran with 12 engines used in the Nodong medium-range missiles. The engines were loaded on an Iran Air Boeing 747 cargo jet at Sunan International Airfield, about 12 miles north of Pyongyang.

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