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Command and Control Facilities

ChangdeVLF Transmitter2502'N11140'E
DatongVLF Transmitter3636'N10320'E
FuzhouVLF Transmitter2759'N11621'E
HohhotLeadership Bunker4049'N11138'E
Huaihua 80305 Unit SAC Division HQ2733'N10957'E
Huangshan 80302 Unit SAC Division HQ3006'N11810'E
Kunming 80303 Unit SAC Division HQ2504'N 10241'E
Luoyang 80304 Unit SAC Division HQ3441'N11228'E
LushunLushanVLF Transmitter3848'N12113'E
NingboVLF Transmitter2952'N12133'E
QingheSAC Headquarters4001'N11620'E
Shenyang 80301 Unit SAC Division HQ4147'N12325'E
Xining 80306 Unit SAC Division HQ3637'N10146'E
XuanhuaLPAR Early Warning Radar4038'N11506'E
YaxianVLF Transmitter????'N?????'E
YulinVLF Transmitter1813'N10931'E
Yuquan Shan MountainLeadership Bunker3959'N11614'E
ZhanjiangZhangiang / Chan-chiangVLF Transmitter2111'N11022'E
UNKNOWNOTH-B Radar????'N?????'E

The following LORAN-A stations were on-air as of March 2000:
Rate           Location

1L1            Chengshantou, Shanggulin, China
1L0            Chengshantou, Zhuanghe, China
1L4            Sheyanghe, Chengshantou, China
1L5            Sheyanghe, Gouji, China
1S1            Shitang, Gouji, China
1S2            Shitang, Tiandashan, China
1S3            Shibeishan, Tiandashan, China
1S4            Sanzao, Shibeishan, China
1S6            Sanzao, Longgun, China

Intelligence Related Facilities

Sources and Resources

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