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Pakistan Air Force Bases

For the time being it appears that the credibility of Pakistan's nuclear deterrent depends not on its limited-range missiles, but on the survivability of its strike aircraft. In peacetime the bulk of Pakistan's combat aircraft are concentraed in seven air bases. However, there are roughly 30 airfields at which Pakistani nuclear-equiped aircraft could be based, vastly complicating Indian counterforce attack planning.

The two units operating the Chinese-built A-5 [No. 16 Sqn and No. 26 Sqn], an aircraft believed to be a leading candidate for the aerial delivery of nuclear weapons, were reportedly stationed at PAF Masroor in early 1998. By late 1999 they had reportedly been re-deployed to PAF Peshawar. The Pakistani Air Force currently operates some 180 Mirage aircraft of various configurations, equiping four operational squadrons [No. 5, No. 7, No. 8, No. 22 (OCU)] and a Combat Command School training squadron. Pakistan obtained 43 used Mirage IIIOs and 7 Mirage IIIODs from Australia in 1990, and purchased another 40 reconditioned Mirage IIIEs from France in 1996. The allocation of these 90 aircraft is not evidently reflected in published order of battle tables, and is only estimated here.

In addition there some two dozen other civilian airfields in Pakistan that could be used for landing and recovery of military aircraft during both peace and war. While some are full-fledged civilian airports, others consist of little more than a single runway and modest support facilities. Most are can be used by jet-fighter aircraft, and all can handle medium-sized tactical transports.

75 with permanent-surface runways
 1 with runways over 3,659 m  
30 with runways 2,440-3,659 m  
43 with runways 1,220-2,439 m  

AirbaseLocaleLattitudeLongitudeFacilityCommandWingSquadronAircraft AC #
PAF Bhagtanwalasat
PAF ChaklalaRawalpindi MOBNo.35 (Composite Air Transport) Wing
No. 6 SqnC-13014
No.12 SqnB707, Falcon, F-276
No.41 SqnCessna, Aero, Beach 3
No.455 SqnCrotale SAM
No.??? SqnHQ-2B SAM
PAF Chandersat
PAF Chuk Jhumrasat
PAF FaisalKarachiMOBSouthern Air Commander HQ
PAF Gwadarsat
PAF Kamra [Minhas]Kamra MOBNorthernNo.33 (Fighter/Multi-Role) Wing
No.14 SqnF-7P~24
No.15 SqnF-6, FT-6~24
PAF Kohatsat
PAF LahoreLahoreFOB
PAF MasroorKarachi MOBSouthern No 32 (Fighter Ground Attack) Wing
No. 2 SqnF-7P~24
No. 7 SqnMirage 5PA, III24+45
No. 8 SqnMirage 5PA, III24+45
No.22 SqnMirage 5PA, IIIDP14 + 2
No.84 SqnAlouette III2
No.453 SqnCrotale SAM
No.??? SqnHQ-2B SAM
PAF MianwaliMianwali MOB No. 37 (Combat Training) Wing
No. 1 SqnFT-525
No.19 SqnF-7P~24
No.25 Sqn F-7 & FT-7~24
No.86 SqnAlouette III2
PAF Mirpur KhasFOB
PAF MultanMultanFOB
PAF NawabshahFOB
PAF Ormarasat
PAF PeshawarPeshawarMOBNorthern Air Command HQ
No.36 (Tactical Attack) Wing
No.16 SqnA-525
No.26 SqnA-524
No.81 SqnAlouette III2
PAF RafiquiShorkotMOBCentral No. 34 (Fighter) Wing
No. 5 SqnMirage IIIEP/RP30
No.18 SqnF-7P~24
No.20 SqnF-7P~24
No.83 SqnAlouette III2
PAF Rahim Yar Khansat
PAF Rajanpursat
PAF RisalewalaFaisalabadFOB
PAF RisalpurRisalpur MOB
PAF Samungli Quetta3014'N6655'EMOBSouthern No. 31 (Fighter) Wing
No.17 SqnF-6, F-7P, FT-6~24
No.23 Sqn F-6 ~24
No.85 SqnAlouette III2
PAF Sargodha Sargodha3203'N7239'EMOBCentral Air Command, HQ
No.38 (Multi-Role) Wing
No. 9 SqnF-16A16
No.11 SqnF-16 A/B16
No.24 SqnFalcon 20 F/G2
No.82 SqnAlouette III2
Combat SchoolF-7~24
Combat SchoolMirage 5PA
PAF ShahbazJacobabadFOB
PAF Sindhrisat


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