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UNSCOM and Iraqi Missiles

DesignationsPropellantRangeIOC inventoryComment
Ababil-100 liquid100 km SA-2 derivative
Al-Samoud liquid150 km SA-2 derivative
Scud-B liquid300 km
Al Fahd 300 J-1solid + liquid300 km SA-2 derivative
Al Fahd 500 solid + liquid500 km SA-2 derivative
Al Husseinal-Husayn liquid600 km ? 6-50Scud-derivative
Al Hijarahliquid750 km Scud-derivative
Al Abbas liquid900 km Scud-derivative
Badr-2000Project 395 solid Condor II - Egypt & Argentina
Project 144Project 1728 liquid2,000 km
Tammuz-1 liquid2,000 km
Al AbidTammuz-2 liquid3,000 km space launch vehicle

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