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Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR)

The MTCR restricts the export of delivery systems and related technology for those systems capable of carrying a 500 kilogram payload at least 300 kilometers, as well as systems intended for the delivery of weapons of mass destruction (WMD -- nuclear, chemical, and biological). The MTCR considers "missiles" to include: ballistic missiles, space launch vehicles (SLVs) and sounding rockets. Unmanned air vehicles (UAVs) include cruise missiles, drones, UAVs, and remotely piloted vehicles (RPVs).

The MTCR is a voluntary arrangement among 27 countries consisting of common export policies applied to a common list of controlled items. The MTCR was originally concerned only with nuclear capable delivery systems. In January 1993, the Partners extended the guidelines to cover delivery systems capable of delivering all WMD.

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