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Tanks Production and Repair Company (Factory 200)
Abu Zaabal Tank Repair Factory

Belbais Road, Cairo
Tel: 20-2-281-8020

This military factory is affiliated with the Ministry of Military Production. The Abu Zaabal Tank Repair Factory overhauled and repaired tanks and eventually became the producer of Egypt's main battle tank. The M1A1 Tank Factory (Military Factory 200) outside Cairo is one of the largest military manufacturing facilities in this part of the world. Military production is centered on M1A1 military tanks and other armored vehicles. Its American-trained Egyptian workforce is highly skilled and has access to state-of-the-art production and maintenance machinery. Egypt obtained US agreement in 1984 to build this giant factory to assemble US-produced M1 tank kits. In April 1987, US and Egyptian officials agreed to permit assembly and co-production of the M1A1 using US Foreign Military Sales (FMS) credits. Under the agreement, the Egyptians will assemble more than 500 M1A1 tanks over a 10-year period, and Egyptian officials hope that eventually the total will rise to 1,500 tanks. Six production cycles were established with each increment increasing the level of technology transfered to Egypt from General Dynamics Land Systems, with 80% of the work nonetheless being performed in the US. The first US-built Abrams were delivered to Egypt in 1992, with kit and high-use component production in Egypt startingin 1996. Egyptian authorities are interested in attracting large-scale medium-and heavy industrial producers to produce other products at this excellent facility either under license or in joint venture. There is no reported civilian production at this location.

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