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People's Liberation Army
Air Force

Air Defense Facilities

The Air Force has 220,000 air defense personnel who control about 100 surface-to-air missile sites and over 16,000 antiaircraft guns. In addition, it has a large number of early-warning, ground-control-intercept, and air-base radars. The location of most of these air defense installations remains obscure, apart from a few SAM sites near Taiwan. Surface-to-air missiles include the 50km-range HQ-2J, a Chinese produced variant of the Soviet SA-2. Three batteries of the 100km-range SA-10 were imported from Russia and deployed under the HQ-10 nomenclature, apparently forming an air defense barrier opposite Taiwan.

Fuzhou Airbase HQ-2 2601'N11922'E
Liancheng AirbaseLianfeng HQ-2 2547'N 11648'E
Longtian AirbaseLung-T'ien HQ-2 HQ-10 2535'N 11922'E
Shantou Northeast Airfield HQ-2 HQ-10 2325'N 11645'E
Xiamen Airport Gaoqi International Airport HQ-2 HQ-10 2432'N11807'E
Zhangzhou AirbaseChang-Chou HQ-2 2435'N11740'E

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