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The Il 28 was the Soviet Union's standard light bomber, and was in use in all air forces of the Soviet Bloc. These aircraft were produced in China under the nomenclature H-5. Although portion of China's jet light bomber force could be used in a limited strategic role, the H-5's low performance envelope mitigates against its use for strategic bombing.

The high-mounted wings have a straight leading edge and forward-tapered trailing edge with blunt tips. Two turbojets are mounted beneath the wings in pods. Pods extend beyond wings’ leading and trailing edges. The fuselage is tubular and cigar-shaped tapering to the rear with a rounded, glassed-in nose and bubble canopy. The tail fin is swept-back and tapered with a blunt tip. Flats are low-mounted on the fin, swept-back, and tapered with blunt tips. A glassed-in tail gunner compartment is to the rear of the tail.

The reports of the demise of the H-5 seem somewhat exagerated. It was asserted without citation in 1995 that the H-5 had been withdrawn from service, but the continued presence of the H-5 in the PLAAF inventory is widely attested by subsequent sources.


Country People's Republic of China (PRC)
Designation Hong-5 Beagle
Similar Aircraft Canberra, Yak-28 Brewer
Type Attack
Wing Span 70 ft, 5 in (21.5 m)
Length57 ft, 11 in (17.6 m)
Ceiling 12300 meters
Maximum speed
Cruising speed
Cruise range 1175 nm
Internal Fuel 6400 kg
Drop Tanks Wingtip tank 266kg of fuel for 24nm range
In-Flight Refueling No
Payload 1000kg
Crew Three
Sensors none
  • Cannon: 2 NR-23mm fixed forward,
  • 2 NR-23 23mm in Tail turret.
  • 4 500kg bombs or
  • 2 53VA torp or
  • 12 Type 1 250 kg bombs
  • 1 FAB-3000 (overload)
  • Inventory na
    Basing na
    Users Egypt, North Korea (H-5), People’s Republic of China (H-5).

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