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BDA: Bilateral Destruction Agreement

Article I: General Provisions and Areas of Cooperation
Article II: Cooperation Regarding Methods and Technologies of Destruction
Article III: Cessation of the Production of Chemical Weapons
Article IV: Destruction of Chemical Weapons
Article V: Inspection Activities
Article VI: Measures to Facilitate the Multilateral Convention
Article VII: Consultations
Articles VIII: Relationship to Other Documents
Article IX: Amendments
Article X: Entry into Force; Duration; Withdrawal
Agreed Statement in Connection with the Agreement

Annex VI: Memorandum of Understanding

  1. General Provisions
  2. Phase I
  3. Phase II
  4. Timing
  5. Verification
  6. Format
  7. Entry into Force

Update for Industry: September 1993 Executive Summary

  1. Introduction
  2. Background
  3. Verification Challenges
  4. Treaty-Controlled Chemicals and Facilities
  5. Treaty Obligations on Industry
  6. Timetable for CWC Implementation
  7. Implementing Organizations
  8. Role of the Chemical Industry
  9. Questions and Answers on Industry Compliance

Schedules of Chemicals

Update for Industry: November 1993 Summary

  1. Introduction
  2. Benefits of national Trial Inspections
  3. Auditing and Analysis
  4. Sampling and Analysis
  5. Safeguarding Confidential Business Information
  6. Managed-Access Techniques
  7. Costs of Trial Inspections
  8. Need Additional NTIs
  9. For More Information

Update for Industry: February 1994 Overview

  1. The Verification Regime
  2. Treaty Provisions on CBI
  3. Preparing for Inspections
  4. Safeguarding CBI in Declarations and Reports
  5. Conclusions
  6. Questions and Answers

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