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AS-19 USS Proteus

Naval auxiliary ships carry out a variety of missions in support of combatants. Along with destroyer tenders, the submarine tenders are the largest of the active auxiliaries. Their crews are formed mainly of technicians and repairmen.

USS Proteus was commissioned as a diesel sub tender in 1944 then overhauled and reconfigured in 1959-60 to service FBM subs. The Chief of Naval Operations deployed Submarine Squadron 16 to Rota, Spain, on Jan. 28, 1964, and embarked upon USS Proteus (AS-19). USS Lafayette (SSBN 616) completed its first FBM deterrent patrol with the Polaris missile and commenced the first refit and replenishment at Rota. Polaris system support continued until the last SSBN - the Robert E. Lee, departed Guam in July 1981. Subsequently she was retired from FBM service and was fitted as an attack submarine tender.


Displacement 19,200 tons full load
Length 575 feet
Beam 73 feet
Speed 15.4 knots
Aircraft None
Armament Four 20mm guns
Complement Approximately 557
Builders Moore Shipbuilding and Drydock


Name Number Builder Homeport Ordered Commissioned Decommissioned
ProteusAS-19Moore SB & DDGuam194311 Jul 1992

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