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Atlas F Vertical Silo

Construction of a subterranean Atlas launch control center (foreground) and silo launcher (background) nears completion at Schilling AFB, Kansas. The photograph was taken on 6 August 1960. It shows the forms in place for pouring the cement for the roof of the launch control center. The forms are also in place for pouring the upper silo wall. When completed, the structures were buried under the soil. Schilling was turned over to SACís 550th Strategic Missile Squadron on 7 September 1962.

Excavation work progresses inside an Atlas F vertical silo at Schilling AFB on 14 June 1960. Note the many ring beams (25, at this depth) used to prevent the soil from collapsing into the excavation. Note also the water surrounding the tractor on the floor of the pit. Removal of ground-water was a major problem in building the missile silos.

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