U.S. Department of Energy                                  ORDER
     Washington, D.C.                                    DOE 5530.2


1.  PURPOSE.  To establish Department of Energy (DOE) policy for Nuclear
    Emergency Search Team (NEST) operations to malevolent radiological

2.  SCOPE.  The provisions of this Order apply to all Departmental Elements,
    to contractors performing work for the Department as provided by law
    and/or contract, and as implemented by the appropriate contracting

3.  POLICY.  It is the policy of the Department to establish and maintain
    capabilities for technical response to potential and actual threats and
    incidents as may be requested by the Lead Federal Agency (LFA).


    a.   DOE 5500.1B, EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM, of 4-30-91, which
         establishes the overall policy and requirements for the DOE
         Emergency Management System and assigns responsibilities to DOE

         REPORTING REQUIREMENTS, of 4-30-91, which establishes the DOE
         emergency categories, classes, and notifications and reporting
         requirements to facilitate the communication and reporting of
         emergency events.

         of 4-30-91, which establishes requirements for planning and
         preparedness for Operational Emergencies involving DOE or requiring
         DOE assistance.

         EMERGENCIES, of 8-13-81, which establishes requirements for DOE
         public affairs actions for emergency situations.

         which establishes requirements for assuring the continued readiness
         of the Emergency Management System for response to an emergency.

    f.   DOE 5530.1A, ACCIDENT RESPONSE GROUP, of 9-20-91, which establishes
         DOE policy for DOE response to accidents and significant incidents
         involving nuclear weapons or nuclear weapon components.

    g.   DOE 5530.4, AERIAL MEASURING SYSTEM, of 9-20-91, which establishes
         DOE policy for the Aerial Measuring System Program.

         INFORMATION, of 2-3-88, which establishes DOE policy and procedures
         for the protection of Unclassified Controlled Nuclear Information.

    i.   Memorandum of Understanding Between the Federal Bureau of
         Investigation (FBI) and the Energy Research and Development Agency
         [ERDA] (DOE) for Responding to Nuclear Threat Incidents, of
         6-11-76, which delineates general areas of responsibility and sets
         forth a joint policy for response by the FBI and ERDA.

    j.   Modification to the Memorandum of Understanding Between the FBI and
         the DOE for Responding to Nuclear Threat Incidents, of 6-17-82,
         which includes Sophisticated Improvised Explosive Devices.

    k.   Memorandum of Understanding Between the FBI, the DOE, and the
         Department of Defense (DOD) for Response to Improvised Nuclear
         Device Incidents, of 2-29-80, which delineates general areas of
         responsibility and sets forth a joint policy for response by the
         FBI, DOE, and DOD.

    l.   Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the Department of State
         (DOS), the Department of Energy, and the Department of Defense
         (DOD) for responding to Malevolent Nuclear Incidents Outside U.S.
         Territory and Possessions, of 5-13-82.  This MOU will still be used
         as the basis of reaching initial agreement with DOS and DOD.

    m.   Federal Radiological Emergency Response Plan, of 11-8-85, which
         describes the Federal Government response to radiological
         emergencies in support of Federal, State, tribal, and local
         government agencies.

    n.   Deputy Assistant Secretary for Military Application (DP-20)
         Operational Emergency Management Team (OEMT) Plan of 6-89, which
         sets forth the procedures for managing emergencies for which DP-20
         is the cognizant program office.

5.  DEFINITIONS.  See Attachment 2 to DOE 3500.1B.


    a.   Notification.  The DOE Headquarters Emergency Operations Center
         (EOC) will be the primary point of contact for all initial
         notifications to DOE regarding requests for activation and
         deployment of NEST resources.  Upon notification, EOC will notify
         the DP-20 Duty Officer, the DOE Field Office, Nevada, and the
         Office of Threat Assessment (IN-30).  EOC will make further
         notification in accordance with References 4.a. and 4.b.

    b.   Mobilization.  In response to a request for NEST assistance,
         whether for a threat assessment or activation and deployment of
         NEST resources, DP-20 will activate an Operational Emergency
         Management Team (OEMT), if required, in accordance to References
         4.a. and 4.b. and will coordinate the DP-20 response and provide
         authorization, direction, and support for the mobilization and
         deployment of NEST and other supporting elements.  NV will be
         responsible for mobilizing and deploying the required elements of
         NEST, as directed.

         (1)  The Manager, NV will coordinate with the Director, OEMT,
              regarding the selection of the Team Leader (TL)/Energy Senior
              Official (ESO).  The DOE TL/ESO is the DOE person in charge of
              all DOE activities at the incident site, and as such, is the
              single point of contact for all DOE operational Elements.

         (2)  Deployment of the full NEST capability will be made only with
              the authorization and approval of DP-20.

         (3)  Deployment of the Federal Radiological Monitoring and
              Assessment Center (FRMAC) will be made only with the
              authorization and approval of DP-20.

    c.   Operations.

         (1)  An advance party may be deployed to coordinate with FBI and/or
              local authorities to make the initial assessment and obtain a
              suitable location for DOE on-scene operations.  When the main
              party arrives, predesignated functional teams will have been
              identified to initiate activities to mitigate the threat and
              its potential consequences.

         (2)  The Federal Radiological Monitoring and Assessment Center
              (FRMAC), when required, will be established to provide the
              coordination with State, tribal, and local representatives and
              officials from federal agencies regarding the control and
              mitigation of radiological hazards (real or potential) as may
              impact the incident site.  The Director, OEMT will approve the
              selection of the FRMAC Director in coordination of the
              appropriate Field Office Manager.  The FRMAC Director will be
              responsible for keeping TL/ESO advised of his operations.
              FRMAC will be the focal point for the cataloging of all
              information relating to site restoration operations.

    d.   Public Affairs.  It is important that the flow of information be
         coordinated and timely.  The establishment of a Joint Information
         Center (JIC) is essential.  In accordance with Reference 4.d., the
         release of information must be factual and useful in order to
         preserve the credibility of the operating elements and to obtain
         the maximum cooperation from the press and local citizens groups.
         DOE-generated media releases at the site must be coordinated, prior
         to release, with the FBI Special Agent in Charge (SAC) and DOE
         TL/ESO.  All DOE-generated media releases should be reviewed by an
         authorized official for classified information, Unclassified
         Controlled Nuclear Information (UCNI) (Reference 4.h.) and other
         unclassified but sensitive information prior to release.

    e.   Deactivation.  When the incident has been resolved, NEST personnel
         and their equipment will be released to return to their home bases.
         Release will be authorized by the DOE TL/ESO in concurrence with
         FBI SAC and Director, OEMT.  This may be done incrementally as the
         need for specific personnel and equipment has been fulfilled.
         FRMAC deactivation will be in accordance with the Federal
         Radiological Emergency Response Plan (FRERP) (Reference 4.m.).


    a.   The Secretary.  Many provisions in this Order permit and/or
         necessitate the exercise of discretion and/or judgment in carrying
         out the requirements of the Order.  In those instances, the
         determination of whether, in the exercise of such discretion and/or
         judgment, the requirements of this Order were complied with rests
         initially with the relevant Department authority and, ultimately,
         with the Secretary.  The Secretary retains the sole and final
         authority to determine what acts are necessary to comply with this
         Order.  Further, the Secretary retains the authority to suspend any
         and all requirements under this Order whenever the Secretary deems
         it necessary.  This authority may be delegated by the Secretary as

    b.   Assistant Secretary for Defense Programs, DP-1, shall oversee the
         preparation and maintenance of emergency plans, procedures, and
         capabilities for responding to operational emergencies relating to
         malevolent threats or acts involving nuclear weapons, improvised
         nuclear devices, sophisticated improved explosive devices, and
         radioactive dispersal devices.

    c.   Deputy Assistant Secretary for Military Application, DP-20, shall:

         (1)  Provide programmatic policy and guidance for the DOE NEST

         (2)  Budget for research, development, documentation, equipment,
              exercises, training and deployment to meet NEST requirements.

         (3)  Maintain liaison with Headquarters organizations of
              appropriate Federal agencies, such as FBI, DOD, Department of
              State, and Federal Emergency Management Agency to assure
              necessary interagency and international agreements are

         (4)  Assure that the DOE NEST program is exercised and that
              Headquarters DOE participates in the planning and execution of
              multiagency exercises.

         (5)  Establish procedures for and conduct Emergency Deployment
              Readiness Evaluations (EDRE) of NEST.

         (6)  Establish plans and procedures for compliance of criteria and
              standards of DOE 5500 series Orders.

         (7)  Upon notification of an incident requiring activation of NEST
              resources, activate a Headquarters' Operational Emergency
              Management Team and take the action set forth in References
              4.m and 4.n.

         (8)  Coordinate with the Manager, DOE Field Office, Nevada when
              notified of an incident requiring activation and deployment of
              NEST and/or FRMAC resources.

         (9)  Review and concur on NEST procedures.

         (10) Designate a staff member with emergency preparedness
              responsibility to serve on the Emergency Management Advisory
              Committee (EMAC).

    d.   Director, Office of Intelligence, (IN-1), as the Senior DOE
         Intelligence Officer, shall:

         (1)  Interface with the intelligence community on official threat
              alerts and advisories.

         (2)  Advise DP-1 regarding the status of threats.

         (3)  Maintain liaison with members of the intelligence and law
              enforcement communities at the National level on matters of
              threat assessment.

         (4)  Through the Office of Threat Assessment (IN-30) be responsible

              (a)  Funding and operation of the Communicated Threat
                   Credibility Assessment Program.

              (b)  Coordinating with DP-20 research projects under the
                   Special Technologies Program to meet NEST specified

              (c)  Making the assets developed by the Special Technologies
                   Program, and other appropriate assets within the
                   intelligence community, available for NEST operational

              (d)  Providing the single point of contact to the Director,
                   OEMT within the Headquarters, FBI, and other
                   National-level intelligence representatives during NEST
                   operational activities.

              (e)  Funding and operating a 24-hour, 7-day-a-week duty
                   officer for liaison between the intelligence community
                   and DOE to support NEST requirements.

         (5)  Ensure that the Director of Foreign Intelligence provides
              foreign intelligence information under his cognizance to the
              Director, Office of Threat Assessment in support of the NEST
              national intelligence requirements.

         (6)  Conduct related nuclear emergency training for intelligence
              community members.

    e.   Assistant Secretary for Environment, Safety, and Health (EH-1),
         shall conduct oversight as required to ensure those aspects of
         environmental protection, radiation safety, worker safety, and
         those aspects of public health and safety that deal with
         epidemiology and exposure to hazardous materials are properly

    f.   Director of Emergency Operations (DP-9.3), shall:

         (1)  Establish a process for reviewing DOE plans and procedures
              that are prepared to implement the DOE 5500 series Orders.

         (2)  Ensure that exercises of the NEST capabilities are coordinated
              within the overall DOE operational emergency exercise program.

         (3)  Serve as the DOE point of contact for inquiries concerning
              emergency preparedness.

         (4)  Maintain a listing of points of contact and notification
              procedures within Headquarters, Field Elements, and other
              Federal agencies.

         (5)  Support training activities, at both Headquarters and field
              levels, needed to implement this Order.

         (6)  Support OEMT operations required in response to a NEST
              malevolent radiological incident.

    g.   Manager, DOE Field Office, Nevada, (NV), as the Field Element
         tasked to have primary responsibility for NEST, shall:

         (1)  Develop, issue, deploy, operate, maintain, and deactivate

         (2)  Prepare and submit a five-year budget plan with supporting
              documentation for maintaining and operating NEST, including
              research and development activities.

         (3)  Be responsible for the DOE field planning and execution of
              exercises involving NEST participation.

         (4)  Conduct training and exercises for NEST elements.

         (5)  When requested, assist DP-20 in the coordination of
              interagency and international agreements and liaison

         (6)  Coordinate with the Director, OEMT with regard to the
              appointment of the DOE TL/ESO for NEST operations.

         (7)  Activate, deploy, and deactivate NEST as directed by the
              Director, OEMT/DP-20.

    h.   Manager, DOE Field Office, Albuquerque (AL), shall:

         (1)  Ensure that Accident Response Group (ARG) resources are
              available to assist NEST.  This includes contacts for military
              support that is normally arranged through the DOE Joint
              Nuclear Accident Coordinating Center (JNACC).

         (2)  Activate, deploy, and deactivate ARG elements as directed by
              the Director, OEMT.  Deployed ARG elements will be under the
              direction of the DOE TL/ESO.

    i.   Heads of Headquarters Program Offices and DOE Field Elements,

         (1)  Assist, as requested by DP-20, in formulating and maintaining
              current procedures for the DOE resources within their purview
              to respond to a malevolent radiological incidents.

         (2)  Make available DOE, DOE contractor, and volunteer personnel
              and equipment to augment NEST at a threat site or at other
              designated locations to accomplish the DOE mission.

         (3)  Authorize the appropriate DOE contractors under their
              jurisdiction to:

              (a)  Participate in formulating and maintaining current
                   procedures to support the DOE NEST capability.

              (b)  Maintain a continuing capability to provide the necessary
                   personnel and equipment to support the NEST when

    j.   Heads of Headquarters Elements and DOE Field Organizations shall
         designate an individual(s) to be responsible for bringing to the
         attention of the contracting officer each procurement falling
         within the scope of this Directive.  Unless another individual is
         designated, the responsibility is that of the procurement request

    k.   Procurement request originators or such other individual(s) as
         designated by the cognizant head of Headquarters Element or DOE
         field organization shall bring to the attention of the cognizant
         contracting officer the following:  (1) each procurement requiring
         the application of this Directive; (2) requirements for flowdown of
         provisions of this Directive to any subcontract or subaward, and
         (3) identification of the paragraphs or other portions of this
         Directive with which the awardee, or, if different, a subawardee,
         is to comply.

    l.   Contracting Officers, based on advice received from the procurement
         request originator or other designated individual, shall apply
         applicable provisions of this Directive to awards falling within
         its scope.  For awards, other than management and operating
         contracts, this shall be by incorporation or reference using
         explicit language in a contractual action, usually bilateral.


                                        JOHN J. NETTLES, JR.
                                        Director of Administration
                                          and Human Resource Management