Navy Training Plan (NTP)




The E-6 is the airborne portion of the TACAMO Communications System. It provides survivable communication links between the National Command Authority and Strategic Forces. The Airborne Command Post modification program was established to upgrade the operational capabilities by incorporating a subset of United States Strategic Command EC-135 Airborne Command Post equipment into the E-6 aircraft. The modified aircraft will have its designation changed from E-6A to E-6B. The E-6B is capable of performing both the TACAMO and Airborne Command Post missions.

All pipeline training is located at Tinker Air Force Base Oklahoma. Naval Air Maintenance Training Group Detachment 1080 conducts organizational (initial and career) and intermediate level maintenance training. Naval Training Support Unit provides aircrew training.

This Navy Training System Plan has been developed to identify the life cycle manpower, personnel and training requirements for the E-6A/B aircraft. It was developed in accordance with OPNAVINST 1500.76 of 21 July 1998. It replaces A-50-8516C which was approved 8 March 1993. This plan covers the transition from the E-6A to E-6B aircraft. Sixteen E-6A aircraft are being modified at a contractor's facility with Airborne Command Post equipment and an avionics block upgrade. This is an Acquisition Category III program and is in Phase III, Production/Development and Operational Support . All acquisition milestones have been completed. Initial Operational Capability was attained in the third quarter of fiscal year 1998. Eight aircraft have been modified. The last aircraft to be modified is scheduled for delivery in the third quarter of fiscal year 2003. Squadron manpower requirements were derived from Activity Manpower Documents.