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Region/Sector Air Operations Centers (R/SAOC)

On 16 March 1996 CINCNORAD directed a change in names of the Region and Sector Operations Control Centers (ROCC/SOCC) to Region and Sector Air Operations Centers (RAOC/SAOC) to put them in line with Joint and USAF doctrine.

The new Region/Sector Air Operations Centers (R/SAOC) system will be much cheaper to operate and will have greater capacity and processing capability. The modernized R/SAOCs will vastly improve NORAD's ability to control the airspaces of Norht America. NORAD has taken advantage of off-the-shelf capabilities in the acquisition process and worked closely with Canada. Both nations approved the funding to move the program towards a fiscal year 1998 fielding. A Request for Proposal was released and source selection activities included participants from NORAD, Canada and the U.S.

On March 14, 1997 Litton Data Systems, Agoura Hills, Calif., was awarded a $58,003,369 cost plus award fee contract to provide for development of modernization upgrades to Fielded Threshold Systems at Region/Sector Air Operations Centers (R/SAOC). The contract was expected to be completed November 2000. There were two firms solicited and two proposals received. Solicitation began October 1996; negotiations were completed March 1997. Electronic Systems Command, Hanscom AFB, Mass., is the contracting activity.

The transition to the Defense Information System Network (DISN) and implementation of the R/SAOC command and control (C2) system modernization present a unique opportunity for upgrading communications systems supporting the R/SAOC mission. Advances in telecommunications technology make possible an all digital architecture interfaced to and compliant with the Defense Information Infrastructure (DII) architecture. Elimination of proprietary, analog communications system components and implementation of "bandwidth on demand" connectivity present the possibility of realizing profound savings, enhancing voice and data transmission quality, expanding capabilities, and promoting interoperability.

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