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REPUBLIC F-84F "Thunderstreak"

The swept-wing F-84F Thunderstreak evolved from the straight-wing F-84 Thunderjet.  The prototype first flew on June 3, 1950, and deliveries began in 1954, primarily to the Tactical Air Command as a ground support fighter-bomber.

Republic built 2,112 "F" models while General Motors fabricated 599 more.  Of these, 1,301 were delivered to NATO air forces.  Production of a reconnaissance version, the RF-84F, total 718 aircraft, among them 386 for Allied countries.  The RF-84F featured engine air intakes at the wing roots plus cameras in the nose.

F-84Fs were gradually replaced by supersonic F-100s in the late 1950s and were turned over to Air National Guard units.  However, some F-84Fs were called back to temporary USAF duty in the early 1960s due to the Berlin crisis.

From 1954 to 1958, more than 1,200 F-84F and RF-84F aircraft were winterized in the maintenance shops at Robins AFB preparatory to being ferried to Europe under Project High Flight.


Wing Span 33 feet, 7 inches
Length 47 feet, 8 inches
Height 15 feet
Weight 28,000 lbs.
Engine One Wright J65 jet engine with 7,200 lbs. of thrust
Cost $769,000
Maximum speed 720 mph
Cruising speed 535 mph
Range 2,200 miles
Service Ceiling 46,000 feet

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