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AN/GSQ-235 ROCC/AWACS Digital Information Link (RADIL)

The AN/GSQ-235 Region Operations Control Center/Airborne Warning And Control Systems (ROCC/AWACS) Digital Information Link (RADIL) provides a secure, beyond the line-of-sight, digital interface for the real-time exchange of surveillance and battle management information between any Tactical Digital Information Link (TADIL) equipped unit, such as (AWACS) and the CONUS Sector Air Operations Center (CONUSSAOCís). The AN/GSQ-235 displays AWACS data on ground. Co-located with the AN/FYQ-93, it can feed AWACS data to AN/FYQ-93. This airborne radar coverage data supplements ground-based radar coverage. The RADIL system consists of four minicomputers, HF-80 radios, and an AN/USQ-76 data terminal set.

The AN/FYQ-93 and AN/GSQ-235 systems are to be replaced by the Region/Sector Air Operations Center (R/SAOC) Modification which is in the Development Phase of the Acquisition Cycle pending Milestone Decision Authority Approval.

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