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AN/FPS-7 Long-Range Search Radar

In the mid-1950s, General Electric developed a radar with a search altitude of 100,000 feet and a range of 270 miles. The AN/FPS-7 radar system was one of the first stacked-beam systems to combine both the search and the heightfinding capabilities to perform ground-controlled intercept functions. Designed to operate in the L-band at 1250 to 1350 MHz, the radar deployed in late 1959 and the early 1960s. The AN/FPS-7 was used for both air defense and air traffic control in New York, Kansas City, Houston, Spokane, San Antonio, and elsewhere. In the early 1960s, a modification called AN/ECP-91 was installed to improve its electronic countermeasure (ECM) capabil-ity. About thirty units were produced.

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