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AN/FPS-117 Minimally Attended Radar
SEEK IGLOO North Warning System

The AN/FPS117 Radar System is a 3-D (azimuth-range-height) phased array antenna radar. The system is a low power, long range (200-250 nautical miles), L-band pencil beam, solid-state transmitter and deacon interrogator search radar. System design includes a redundant architecture with computer software remote controlled and monitored operations to minimize manning requirements.

The AN/FPS-117 and AN/FPS-124 form an array of radars stretching across North America from Alaska via Canada to Greenland. This North Warning System is designed to provide long-range detection and coverage for drug interdiction support and tactical command and control. Implementation of the North Warning System has resulted in a reduction in Operations and Maintenance (O&M) spending by up to 50% compared to previous systems. Due to extreme northern locations of these radars, the physics of radiowave propagation in the 1215-1400 MHz frequency range is even more critical for target detection requirements. The Air Force and the FAA also operate a limited number of AN/FPS-117 radars within the continental United States. The AN/FPS-117 radar is capable of randomly hopping among 18 channels in the 1215-1400 MHz band.

Air Force Rome Air Development Center [RADC] conducted preliminary data gathering for the SEEK IGLOO (AN/FPS-117) Program in 1977. SEEK IGLOO was designed to modernize the Alaskan Air Command surveillance system. On 30 September 1983, RADC completed acceptance testing of the computer displays and indicator modifications on the AN/FPS-117 radar. It reached full operational capability in 1983 after completion of test and evaluation. Originally selected for the SEEK IGLOO project, the radar was also picked to replace the AN/FPS-67 radar at Berlin's Tempelhof Central airport.

On 16 November 1999 ARCTEC Alaska, Anchorage, Alaska, was awarded a $20,402,427 firm-fixed-price contract, F65501-00-C0001, to provide for operation and maintenance of the AN/FPS-117 Minimally Attended Radar and AN/FPS-124 Unattended Radar comprising the Alaskan Radar System from February through September 2000 (phase in from December 1999 through January 2000).

In 1999 the AN/FPS-117 Radar completed a major Modification, to include replacement of the Beacon Radar portion of the system and upgrades to the remote operations of the unmanned sites


3D Radar Azimuth, Range, Height
Low Power/Long Range (200-250 Nautical Mile)
Phased Array Antenna
Redundant Architecture
Software Controlled/Monitored
Minimally Attended Versions 1,4 and 5

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