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Military Industrialization Organization
Special Weapons Agencies

According to one opposition source, in late 1992 government of Sudan established a Military Industrialization Organization headed by Brigadier General Bakri Hasan Salih (member of the Salvation Revolution Command Council), the current interior minister. General Salih, Brigadier General 'Imad Husayn, and Col. Za'tan are in charge of the project, which has been divided into five specialized departments in charge of the phases of production and storage. A building situated between Kafuri and Hillat Kuku in Khartoum was chosen as the headquarters for the project management. The building had belonged to Numayri's security service. The fence around it was made higher and five factories were set up inside, in addition to a small hotel for experts and workers. The chemical weapons factory is headed by a chemical engineer named Colonel 'Imad, an Islamic Front cadre. All the experts are from Kazakhstan and Iraq.

According to another source, "The War Industrialization Project" has obtained technical assistance from Russia and Bulgaria as well as from one Canadian firm, which is coordinating the management and finance of this program. It is reported that the execution of the program is spread over several locations, including the al-Yarmuk Establishment in the south of the capital, another location south of the industrial area in Khartoum, and an underground location close to the horse racing course. There is also another location in the area of Jabal al-Awliya' as well as areas in the cities of Fao and Shandi. According to this report, the Sudanese Government needs another two years before commencing production.

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