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P-120 Malakhit 4K-85
SSN-9 Siren

The P-50 Malachit was developed as a "universal" anti-ship missiles for submarines and surface ships. It was intended to replace the high altitude, relatively slow SS-N-3, which was vulnerable to air defenses in flight and used a radar seeker that was vulnerable to jamming and deception measures. Intended to replace P-50 missile, development of the P-120 Malakhit [industrial code 4K-85] started 1963. The shorter range of the SS-N-9 compared to the SS-N-3 reduced the flight time of the missile and eliminated the need for mid-course guidance. This eliminated the need for a guidance radar on the submarine, which allowed a fire and forget submerged launch. It was initially deployed on surface ships and subsequently on the Charlie-II submarines. It has been superceded by the longer-range SS-N-22 Sunburn.


Contractor Chelomey
Entered Service1969
Total length 8.84 meters
Weight 3,000 kg
  • 500 kg conventional high explosive or
  • 200 kiloton nuclear warhead
  • Propulsion solid-fuel booster and sustainer
    [liquid-fuel rocket engine according to some sources]
    Maximum SpeedMach 0.8 [Mach 1.4 according to some sources]
    Maximum effective range 110 km
    Guidance mode inertial terminal homing
    Single-shot hit probability


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