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P-700 3M-45 Granat

The P-700 Granat [SSN-19 Shipwreck] was developed as a more successful turbojet alternative to the SSN-12 Sandbox, from which it was derived. Developed in the 1970's, the Shipwreck's initial employment was on the battle cruiser Kirov (later renamed Admiral Ushakov). The Shipwreck was subsequently deployed on the nuclear powered cruiser Peter the Great. It is also deployed on submarines, which can launch the missile while submerged.


Contractor Chelomey
Entered Service
Total length 10 meters
Diameter 0.85 meters
Weight 7,000 kg
  • 750 kg conventional high explosive or
  • 500 kiloton nuclear warhead
  • Propulsion 2 solid-fuel boosters
    1 turbojet sustainer engine
    Maximum Speedsupersonic
    Maximum effective range 625 km
    Guidance mode inertial with command update, active radar/IR and anti-radar homing
    Single-shot hit probability


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