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The R-1 / SS-1 SCUNNER was the first Russian ballistic missile system, incorporating V2 parts and Alcohol and LOX propellants. The SS-1A is essentially unrelated to the SS-1b or SS-1c SCUD, which use storable liquid [RFNA and Hydrazine] propellants. The term "scunner" is a Scottish & Northern dialect word for an annoying person or thing, a nuisance, an object of disgust or loathing. The first Russian launch of a V-2 from Kapustin Yar was conducted on 18 October 1947. The first R-1 test flight from Kapustin Yar was conducted on 10 October 1948.


Total Mass 12,798 kg.
Empty Mass 4,066 kg.
Payload 483 kg.
Core Diameter 1.7 m.
Span 3.6 m.
Total Length 17.0 m.
Engines 1. RD-100
Propellants Lox/Alcohol
Liftoff Thrust 27,690 kgf.
Thrust (vac) 31,314 kgf.
Isp 233 sec.
Burn time 63 sec.
Isp(sl) 206 sec.
Diameter 1.7 m.
Range 270 km.
Maximum altitude 77 km.
Time of flight 5 minutes.
Max velocity at burnout 1465 m/s.
Accuracy 8 km in range, 4 km laterally.

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