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Project 661 Anchar / Papa

A predecessor to the famous ALFA-class attack submarine, the Project 661 Anchar [Papa] was designed as an extremely fast anti-shipping cruise missile submarine. The Papa design included 10 SS-N-9 missiles in individual tubes forward of the sail, between the inner (pressure) hull and the outer hull. The US Navy was surprised in 1970 by the deployment of the Alfa-class attack submarine, whose 45 knot speed and 2000-2500 foot operating depth greatly surpased previous Soviet or American submarines. The Alfa used a high power density, liquid metal reactor plant which greatly increased her power-to-weight and volume ratios. It also featured a titanium pressure hull which reduced the hull weight needed for extreme operating depths. The Papa SSGN appeared to incorporate similar design technologies for the antiship cruise missile mission. The K-162 was the world's fastest submarine, reportedly reaching a record speed of 44.7 knots on trials [causing signficant damage to topside equipment in the process]. The high speed of the design came at the price of excessive noisy and high construction costs. The Alfa did not enter production until the late 1970s, with only six units built, while only a single PAPA was ever deployed. Instead, the Soviets focused on building the more traditional submarines.


Displacement (tons): 5,200 surfaced
7,000 submerged
Speed (kts): 44.7 knots dived
Operating Depth 400 meters
Dimensions (m): 106.7 meters long
11.6 meters beam
8.0 meters draft
Propulsion 2 VM-5m pressurized-water nuclear reactors, 177.4 MWt
2 steam turbines; ??,000 shp
2 ?-bladed propellers
Crew 82
  • 10 - SS-N-9
  • torpedo tubes
  • Electronics Radar

  • Sonar

  • 2 periscopes
  • Class Listing

    NO. Name Laid Down Launched Comm. Stricken
    K-162 SV 12/28/1963 12/21/1968 12/31/1969 ---------- redesignated to K-222
    09/30/1980 reactor accident
    1988 in reserve
    in storage in Severodvinsk

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