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The 667BD was primarily developed to increase the number of missiles on strategic submarines. Its development was approved in June 1972 under the direction of the Rubin Central Design Bureau for Marine Engineering. The 667B Delta I served as the basis for the main design features. The pressure hull was lengthened by 16 meters in the area of the fourth and fifth compartments where four additional missile tubes were located. The displacement increased in 1,500 tons, and the full speed decreased 1 knot.

The 667BD submarines are equipped with the D-9D launch system and 16 R-29DD missiles. During the development of the new ballistic missile submarine several measures were applied to decrease the radiated noise level. The steam turbines include a two-spool system of shock-absorbers, the pipelines and hydraulic devices are isolated from the hulls and a new hydroacoustic coating was applied.

The first 667BD entered the Navy on 30 September 1975. Between 1973 and 1975 four submarines of this project were constructed at the Northern machine-building enterprise in Severodvinsk. The 667BD submarines formed part of the 3rd flotilla of submarines of the Northern fleet based in the Yagyelnaya bay. In 1996 one submarine was removed from operational status.

It is anticipated that all 667BD submarines will be decommissioned in compliance with the provisions of the START-1 treaty.

The Nunn-Lugar Cooperative Threat Reduction program is scheduled to dismantle 25 Delta-class, five Typhoon-class, and one Yankee-class ballistic missile submarines capable of launching over 400 missiles with over 1,700 warheads, by the year 2003. As of September 1999 US specialists had helped disassemble one Yankee- and six Delta-class submarines, while the Russians had destroyed another five ballistic missile subs on their own using American equipment.


Soviet Designation

667B Murena

667 BD Murena-M


Delta I

Delta II

Development began


November 1967

Design Bureau

Central Design Bureau for Marine Engineering "Rubin"

Chief designer

S.H. Kovalev


Komsomol Na Amur

Construction and Outfit



Service time



Number of ships




D-9 launch system with
12 R-29 missiles

D-9 launch system with
16 R-29 missiles

4-533mm torpedo tubes 4-533mm torpedo tubes
2-400mm torpedo tubes

Power Plant

2 pressurized water reactors

2 steam turbines, 52.000 hp each

2 steam turbines, 55.000 hp each


139 meters

155 meters


12 meters


9 meters


9000 m3 Surfaced

10500 m3 Submerged

11000m3 Surfaced

13000 m3 Submerged

Operating depth

390 meters (design)
450 meters (maximum depth)


12 knots Surface

25 knots Submerged

24 knots Submerged


120 men

130 men


80 days

Class Listing

#numberName Laid Down Launched Comm. Stricken
1K-182 Shestidesyatiletie Velikogo Oktyabrya 402 Sevmash 04/**/1973 01/**/1975 09/20/1975 ---------- 11/04/1977 named
1996 in reserve
2K-92 402 Sevmash 04/**/1973 01/**/1975 12/17/1975 ---------- 1996 in reserve
3K-193 402 Sevmash 1974197512/30/1975 199912/1997 prepared for decommissioning
1999 dismantled
4K-421 402 Sevmash 1974197512/30/1975 ---------- 1996 in reserve
2000 planned to be defuelled

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