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Zaliv Shipbuilding plant of the name B.Ye. Butoma
Kamysh-Burun Shipyard

1, Tankistov str. 
1  Kerch, 334504, Ukraine 
fax (380 6561) 2 03 08, 3 30 60 

During the Soviet era this Ukrainian shipyard built Krivak-class destroyers. With the breakup of the Soviet Union, Ukraine ceased work in this field. The shipyard is named after Boris Ye. Butoma, who for many years was the Soviet Minister of the Shipbuilding Industry.

Located in Kerch, in Eastern Crimea, this yard is a leading producer of tankers of up to 80,000 dwt. The largest ship which it has built is a 150,000 dwt tanker. The Ukrainian shipbuilding companies mostly build vessels to orders. In the late 1990s Zaliv shipbuilding plant built 3 tankers for Greece, and two more are planned. Ukrainian shipbuilding, like all branches of Ukrainian economy, is facing serious problems: a fall in work load, increased debt to the state budget and partners, arrears in wage payments, strikes resulting from social tension at a number of enterprises, the stoppage of work at Zaliv shipyard in Kerch.

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