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Military Industrial Complex "Moscow Aviation Production Assn." (VPK MAPO)

Voenno-promyshlennyy kompleks "Moskovskoe aviatsionnoe proizvodstvennoe ob'edinenie" (VPK MAPO)

Contact Information

General Director and General Designer: Nikolay Nikitin

Activity: development and production of fighter aircraft
Status: State unitary enterprise, now being transformed into a stock-holding company, owned by the state
Former Subordination: Ministry of the Aviation Industry of USSR


Military Industrial Complex "Moscow Aviation Production Assn." (VPK MAPO) had been established in January of 1996 by the Edict of the President of Russia. This company consolidated all enterprises, involved in development and serial production of MiG combat aircraft. This was the first practical step in uniting Russian combat aircraft developers and manufacturers. For some reason Kamov company, which designed helicopters, was also included into VPK MAPO.


However, after their first success, the top managers drew themselves into a fight with each other. In October 1997 the Ministry of State Property validated a decree about the transformation of VPK MAPO into VPK MAPO-M with the simultaneous inclusion of the Myasistchev design bureau. On February 1, 1999, Prime Minister Yevgeniy Primakov appointed Nikolay Nikitin a new General Director and General Designer of VPK MAPO. This move confirms reports about upcoming merger of VPK MAPO with its main competitor, Sukhoy Aviation Military Industrial Complex (AVPK). (Nikitin spent his career at Sukhoy and most recently was Deputy General Director of Sukhoy AVPK.) [2]

In late 1999 it appeared that the Russian Government was considering merging VPK/MAPO MiG and AVPK Sukhoi into a single concern, in order to consolidate Russia's troubled aerospace industry. The new company would be responsible for all Russian military aircraft programs. However, by the end of 1999 it appeared that this scheme had been abandoned.

Organizational Structure

VPK MAPO consists of 12 enterprises, involved in development and production of MiG combat aircraft and Kamov helicopters. Most important is the Moscow Aviation Production Assn. "MiG" (MAPO MiG), which consists of MiG ANPK (a design bureau) and Lukhovitsy Aviation Plant (the main production facility for advanced MiG aircraft). Other participants included: It appeared, however, that MAPO MiG did not in fact join the Complex or left it later. In August of 1997 it was mentioned as a "subsidiary" of VPK MAPO. Yet on February 2, 1999, a special Directive of the Government specifically stipulated, that MAPo MiG should become a subsidiary of VPK MAPO.

On 08 December 1999 FGUP Defence Industry Complex MAPO was renamed, by Russian Government's provision, the FGUP 'Russian Aviation Corporation MiG'. By the same provision Nikolai Nikitin was appointed the corporation's general director and general designer. A number of companies and design agencies were excluded from the aviation holding. The base of the corporation consists of AKB named after Mikoyan, Industrial centre named after Voronin, Lukhovitsy mechanical engineering plant (Moscow Region), Kalyazin mechanical engineering plant (Tver Region). 'Krasny Oktyabr' joint-stock company (Saint-Petersburg), 'Aviatest' research enterprise and 'Pribor' joint-stock companies (both from Rostov-na Donu), Perm instrumental engineering firm joint-stock company and Ryazan instrumental engineering plant will stay in the corporation.

Until the adoption of a decision on the formation of 'Kamov Helicopters' Association, the helicopter OKB named after Kamov will also stay in the corporation. The Kamov company is likely to form an independent helicopter-building corporation, specifically capable of competing with the US Sikorsky company.

Economic Status

Employment: 12 companies of VPK MAPO employ a total of 60,000 people [2]

Industry Cooperation


2. Izvestia 3 February 1999 p.2.

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