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Ufa Engine Industrial Association

Ufimskoye Motor Constructing Enterprise 

Ufa Engine Building Production Association [Ufa engine-building PO ] is Russia’s largest aircraft engine producer. Engines for tractors, gas pumping and power units, as well as cutlery, are among other products manufactured. It is located in Bashkortostan Republic, which has the second largest industrial potential in the Ural economic area. Within Russia, Bashkortostan is the sixth largest producer of industrial products. Ufa Engine Industrial Association [Ufa Motors] produces aircraft engines for fighters (Su and MiG families), spare parts as well as engines for automobiles, gas pumps and turbines and performs different maintenance and support services for its clients. In 1995 the company was granted export rights. Ufa Motors is one of the most profitable engine manufacturers with steadily growing sales.

The Ufa Engine Industrial Association (the UMPO in Russian) was founded in 1925. The association launched the production of the first Soviet jet engines such as RD-10, RD-45F, and VK-1A for the MiG and Yak fighters. Since the mid-fifties, the Ufa-based Engine Production Association has been manufacturing the Mikoyan MiG-19 RD-9B turbo-jet engines, as well as R11F-300 engines for the MiG-21 fighter. Later, the plant developed the production of the R11F2-300, R11F2S-300, R-13-300, R25-300 derivatives for various MiG-21 and Su-15 versions, as well as the production of the R-29B-300 and R29B9-300 third-generation engines intended for the Mikoyan MiG-23B, MiG-27 and Sukhoi Su-22 fighter-bombers. It also produced the Su-25 R-95Sh non-afterburning turbojet engines as well as the improved R-195 version designed for the Su-39 attack aircraft. Since the late 1980s, the AL-31F fourth-generation turbojet engines and their versions for the Su-27 and Su-30 fighters being produced both for the Russian Air Force and air forces of other countries.

The Association also commenced manufacturing a whole series of liquid-propellant rocket engines. It also builds transmissions for the Kamov Ka-26, Ka-27, Ka-28, Ka-32, Mil Mi-6, Mi-26 helicopters as well as motorcar engines for the AZLK and Izhmash car-building plants.

In cooperation with the Zaporozhye-based Motor Sich and Moscow-based Salyut plant, the UMPO started producing the D-436T engines for the Beriev Be-200 and Tupolev Tu-334 aircraft with the UMPO share exceeding 40%. In conjunction with the above companies, the UMPO is engaged in production of the D-27 engines for the Antonov An-70 future large aircraft (FLA). In June 20 1999 an agreement was signed by the Russian-Ukrainian aviation consortium and the Aero Track consortium of Germany on the joint building of the An-7X European basic modification, created on a basis of the An-70 Russian-Ukrainian military cargo aircraft. The Russian-Ukrainian consortium involves the Aviapribor company, the Aerosila company, the Electroavtomatica design bureau, the Ufa engine-building plant and the Aviacor company of Russia, as well as the Antonov scientific-production center, the Aviant company, the Motor-Sich company and the Progress design bureau of Ukraine.


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