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Beriev Aircraft Company

Taganrog Beriyev Aviation Scientific-Technical Complex (TANTK)
Taganrogskiy aviatsionnyy nauchno-tekhnicheskiy kompleks (TANTK) imeni G.M. Beriyeva 
Beriyev Design Bureau 
347923, Taganrog, Russia 
Instrumentalny t.1 
Telephone: (011-7-86344) 4-98-39
Telex: 298107 BETA; 
Fax: (011-7-86344) 4-14-54 

In August 1999 Beriev Aircraft Company commemorated 65th anniversary from the date of foundation of the Central Design Bureau of Seaplanes Manufacturing in Taganrog. Starting from year 1934 Beriev Aircraft Company is engaged in development, prototype production and testing of aircraft technique. The traditional focus of the Beriyev Design Bureau has been the development of seaplanes for military and civilian use.

Georgiy Mikhaylovich Beriyev founded the Central Design Bureau of Seaplanes Manufacturing that bears his name at Taganrog in 1934. In October 1941, the approach of German forces brought all production at Taganrog to a halt, and the Bureau was moved to Krasnoyarsk in Siberia in 1942 to avoid destruction in World War II. It wasn't until 1945 that the Beriev Bureau was reestablished at Taganrog, and it's next major design only appeared in June 1947. Seaplanes produced by Beriyev's bureau include the MBR-2 (Morskoy Blizhniy Razvyedchik: marine short-range reconnaissance), Be-2, Be-4, Be-6 Madge, and Be-12 Mail. The Be-12 holds all of the 45 records listed with the Federation Aeronautique Internationale for turboprop-powered amphibians and turboprop-powered flying boats.

In the seventies- eighties the field of BERIEV activity was widened considerably. During these years strategic weapon complexes: A-50 early radar detection and guidance and Tu-142MR super-long range liason complexes were developed on the basis of the existing carrier airplanes.

In 1986 the A-40 amphibious aircraft, the largest in the world, made its maiden flight. Its sophistication was confirmed by 140 world records. The Be-42 amphibian for patrol and search-rescue operations is being designed around the A-40. Current efforts are directed towards development of various civil and military variants of the A-40 Albatross amphibian prototype.

The organization also includes the collocated Taganrog aircraft plant. Total employment was about 5,500 as of 1991.

Military products include derivatives of the A-40 Albatross amphibious aircraft including the Be-42 and Be-44 Mermaid (SAR and ASW variants, respectively). Civil products include derivatives of the A-40 Albatross, such as the Be-200 amphibian; Be-32 15 passenger land plane; Be-103 5 passenger business-class amphibian. The Be-200 is a smaller version of the A-40 prototype intended for a variety of civil applications such as fire fighting and search and rescue operations. In 1990 Taganrog and ILTA Trade Finance of Switzerland formed Beta Air, a joint venture to develop and market the Be-200 worldwide. The Be-200 is scheduled to be produced in Irkutsk. Taganrog is also a partner in the "Pacific Ocean Airworks" firm and modified the Be-12 aircraft flown by that company.

BETA AIR Joint-Stock Company was founded in 1991. The enterprise responsibility extends to the entire process of development, manufacturing and after-sales service of the Be-200 new generation amphibious aircraft. Major Russian and foreign companies are the founders and the participants of the project. The main purpose of BETA AIR establishment is creation of the solid management structure for the implementation of the joint project launched by BERIEV Aircraft Company - leader in hydroaviation development, Irkutsk Aviation Industrial Association - the largest aircraft manufacturer and powerful financial and consulting companies.

Taganrog is located on the coast of Taganrog Bay, a part of the Azov Sea situated close to border with Ukraine. The town is approximately 700 miles South-East of Moscow it is very green and the weather is excellent almost all the time. Taganrog was founded by Rassian tzar Peter the Great in 1698 as a fortress/port near the mouth of the Don River. It is a medium-size Russian Southern city with a population is about 300 thousand and a great cultural legacy. Taganrog is famous as motherland of great Russian writer - Anton Chekhov was born in Taganrog in 1860. Industry in the city is represented by aviation, heavy metal, electronics and machine-building.


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