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Sukhoi Design Bureau

23A, Polikarpov Str., 
125284 Moscow, Russia 
Tel.: + 7 095 9456525, 
Telefax: +7 095 2004243 
Telex: 414716 suhoi su  

Sukhoi Design Bureau is one of the leading companies dealing with the design of combat aircraft, develops a number of projects of commercial aircraft, including supersonic transport, ground effect vehicles and general aviation aircraft.

The design bureau founded in 1939 by Pavel Osipovich Sukhoi began its activity by designing the Su-2 strike aircraft. Later the design bureau developed fighters Su-7, Su-9, Su-11, Su-11, Su-15, Su-17, bombers Su-24, attack aircraft Su-25, T-4 ("2100"), long-range supersonic strike reconnaissance complex. At the beginning of 80s air superiority fighter Su-27 was designed, it became the basis for the Su-27UB, Su-30, Su-33, Su-27IB, Su-35, Su-37, Su-30Mk, Su-27KUB. The Su-27 has set up 41 world records.

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