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Strela Production Association

Strela Production Association 
PO "Strela" 
Ulitsa Shevchenko, 26 
460005, Orenburg, Russia 
Telephone: (011-7-35322) 5-71-00
Fax:       (011-7-35322) 5-54-60  
Telex: N/A 
Teletype: 144115 YASHMA

Constructed during World War II to produce military aircraft, Strela developed into a major builder of drones and cruise missiles for the Ministry of General Machine-Building. It has also produced the Ka-226. The light multipurpose Ka-226 helicopter was designed by Kamov Design Bureau for the Ministry for Emergency Situations of Russia The Ka-226 helicopter is developed as a two-engine modification of a single engine Ka-126 model. The helicopter can also transport underslung cargo of up to 1,300 kg weight and operate as a crane helicopter for construction-installation work. Total employment was about 10,000 in 1991.

Strela has also produced motor boats for civilian use for many years. Strela is producing vacuum cleaners and a number of appliances intended for rural residents, including mini-bakeries and meat-processing units, as well as motor boats, pressure stoves, automobile spare parts, automobile jacks, water tanks, aluminum fuel cans, TV antennas, cylinder locks, children's toys, furniture, garden tools.


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