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Severnoye Design Bureau

SpKB Severnoye Design Bureau 
State-Owned Unitary Enterprise
6, Korabelnaya Str., 
Saint-Petersburg, 198097, Russia.
Phone:   +7 812 184 73 44 / +7 812 184-11-40
Fax:   +7 812 183 12 77 / +7 812 184 83 12

The State Owned Enterprise Severnoye Design Bureau is a leading firm in Russia company in designing of the modern fleet. The Severnoye Design Bureau (SDB) emerged in the shipbuilding industry in April 1946. The Severnoye Design Bureau has been Russia’s leading designer of combatant surface ships of all major classes. More than 550 ships with total displacement of about 1.5 million tons have been built in accordance to the designs of the Bureau. These range from escort ships with a displacement of 1,200 tons to nuclear-powered cruisers, and include corvettes, frigates, destroyers, dry freight ships, chemical tankers, scientific research vessels and refrigerator ships. Until recently, Severnoye has been designing large surface combatants for the Russian Navy and for export, though it has also developed and is ready to build a new multirole small ship (corvette).

The State Owned Enterprise Severnoye Design Bureau, working with Russian and foreign ship yards, offers a whole range of engineering services: from a development work on contact projects to a set of detail drawing for ship yards, maintenance of technical works for vessels under construction. The Bureau maintains military-technical cooperation with India, Vietnam, China and other countries, and has ties with leading shipbuilders worldwide. SDB developed engineering documentation for the Indian Navy's frigate. In March, 1999, a formal keel-laying ceremony for the first of the three frigates was held at the Baltiisky shipyard. India will take delivery of the first ship in 2002.

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