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Salyut Moscow Machine-Building Production Association


The Salyut Moscow Machine-Building Production Association dates back to 1912, when the Gnom (Gnome), Russia's first aircraft engines production plant, started manufacturing piston engines for the Newpor and Farman aircraft. In the thirties, the plant, then called plant No. 24 named after M.V. Frunze, produced A.M. Mikulin-designed engines that powered the TB-3, Soviet first heavy bomber. Immediately after the war Salyut started jet engines production. Its first ones were A.M. Lyulka-designed TR-1 turbojet engines for the Sukhoy Su-11 and Ilyushin Il-22 prototypes, and V.Ya. Klimov-designed VK-1 turbojets for the most popular MiG-15 and MiG-17 fighters and the Il-28 frontline bombers.

Beginning from 1957, plant No. 45 (Salyut Moscow Engine Plant since 1963) produced the AL-7F-1 Lyulka turbojets for the Su-7B fighter-bombers and Su-9 fighter-interceptors. In 1965, it started producing S.K. Tumansky-designed R15B-300 engines for the MiG-25 high speed interceptors and reconnaissance aircraft, and in 1972 the AL-21F-3 engines' production for the Sukhoy Su-17 fighter-bombers and Su-24 frontline bombers began. In 1984, Salyut started producing the forth generation AL-31F turbojet designed for the Su-27, one of the world's best fighters. Currently, Salyut is specializing in aircraft engines production, repair, and maintenance. The plant produces and repairs the AL-31F and R15B-300 turbojet engines designed for military use. It also produces assemblies and components of the D-436T1 aircraft engines designed for civilian aircraft.


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