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Rybinsk Motors, JSC

152903 Rybinsk
Yaroslavl region, Russia
Tel: (0855) 243-100
Fax: (0855) 262-398

Rybinsk Motors is the leading Russian manufacturer of aircraft engines. At present Rybinsk Motors supplies engines for nearly 60% of Russian middle- and long-range aircraft and for over 80% of military transport planes. Research centers on creating a low emission combustion chamber for Tu-154M in accordance to ICAO requirements, developing TVD-1500 (turboprop and gas turbine engine) for An-38 and T-701 "Grach", RD-600B for Ka-62 helicopter and DH-200 (diesel engine) for small aircraft. The factory has recently signed several large contracts for manufacture of ground oil and gas pumping stations. The sales in the nine months of 1997 exceeded 875 billion roubles (approximately. $146 million). In spite of the general depression, Rybinks Motors is busy with orders for the overhaul and manufacturing of engines and has direct support of Incombank and Gazprom. In 1997 the factory established a joint venture with General Electric to produce engines for small passenger aircraft and helicopters of T-7 type and LM-2500 for gas pumping stations.


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