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SKB Rubin

Rubin Central Marine Designs Bureau 
SKB-18 Central Marine Designs Bureau 
Central Design Bureau for Marine Engineering 
Ulista Marata 90
St. Petersburg 191126

The history of Central Design Bureau for Marine Engineering Rubin, being inseparably linked with the history of the Russian underwater shipbuilding, began on 04 January 1901, when the Construction Commission for Submarines was established. Since then, having passed through a number of transformations, the Construction Commission has become the biggest Design Bureau for Marine Engineering in Russia to which designs about 950 submarines have been built.

Years of experience enabled CDB ME "Rubin" to create three generations of nuclear and diesel submarines (more than 20 projects) armed with new strategic and tactical weapons - ballistic and cruise missiles. The deepest-diving combat nuclear submarine "Komsomolets" ("Mike"), the world's largest submarine "Akula" ("Typhoon"), the world's most efficient nuclear attack submarine "Granit" ("Oscar"), the world's most silent diesel-electric submarine of project 636 ("Kilo") have been designed by CDB ME "Rubin". The submarines built to the designs of the Bureau serve in the Navies of 14 countries.

The changed economic situation in the country have necessitated new strategic decisions to be taken for long-term development of the Bureau. Now CDB ME "Rubin" is a diversified company which is not only holding the leading position in marine engineering but is successfully mastering a number of conversion activities. Because of recent conversion efforts, approximately 40 percent of the work is defense related, with major thrusts in the past several years concentrating on high-speed train development, nonmilitary submarines, and tourist submersibles.

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