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Proletarsky Zavod

JSC Proletarsky Zavod
Ul. Dudko. 3. 
ruf-193029 St.Petersburg
Tel.: +7 (812) 5673618/5673742
Fax.: +7 (812) 5674466
E-mail: sudmash@online.ru
E-mail: Sudmash@Neva.Spb.RU 

Founded as the Alexandrovsky Ironworks in 1826, the Proletarsky Zavod JSC is one major industrial enterprise in St. Petersburg and Russia's north-western region. In the 1950s, the Plant was instructed to master the production of diesel hydraulic locomotives. This decision led to the overall reconstruction of Proletarsky Zavod which began in 1960. In 1963, Proletarsky Zavod, a modern machine-building facility with highly qualified personnel, was re-oriented to the development and production of engines and hydraulic mechanisms for the Soviet Navy ships and civilian vessels.

The RITM Scientific Production Association, comprising Proletarsky Zavod and the Central Research Institute for Ship Machine-building (Russian acronym TsNII SM, the TsKB follow-on) was established in 1970 [though this association was subsequently dissolved, it seems]. In 1974, Proletarsky Zavod merged with the Economizer Plant and expanded its business profile. The association began manufacturing power engineering and machine-building products such as gas-turbine generators.

The plant developed and manufactured a takeoff and landing system for air-capable ships which was successfully tested first on a ground full-size deck and then in the sea. The landing system includes arresting gears, the aircraft-arresting barrier and the steam-driven catapult prototype for launching carrier-based aircrafts. The first Russian cruiser "Kuznetsov, admiral of the USSR Navy" carrying CTOL-aircraft has the landing system equipped with arresting gears and the arresting barrier made by Proletarsky Zavod.

In December 1992 the Research and Production Association was incorporated into the Proletarsky Zavod joint stock company. The foreign trade company "SUDMASH" (shortly FTC "Sudmash") is a supplier for shipbuilding, general and power machinery market. FTC "SUDMASH" is incorporated into Joint Stock Company PROLETARSKY ZAVOD as a daughter company, performing export-import operations and industrial and technological cooperation with foreign firms.

Products include propulsion units and means for active ship control, ships hoisting equipment: electrohydraulic cranes, overhead travelling cranes, steering gears and ship stabilizers, hydraulic 7/water treatment equipment: ro-desalination plant and germicidical apparate, take-off and landing systems for aircraft-carrying ships, dry and liquid cargo transfer-at-sea gear, manipulators for underwater works, gas turbine generators.

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