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Lukhovitsy Machine Building Plant (LMZ)

Lukhovitsy Machine Building Plant (LMZ)
MAPO named after Dementyev 
former MMZ "Znamya Truda"
Lukhovitsy, Moscow Region, Russia 
Tel/Fax: +7 09663 1 1376/+7 095 234 4313
E-mail: lmz-avia@mtu-net.ru 

Lukhovitsy Machine Building Plant (LMZ) is an integral part of Federal State Unitary Enterprise- Military Industrial Group "MAPO" (FSUE "MIG "MAPO"). The plant was founded as a subsidiary of Moscow Machine-Building Plant "Znamya Truda" ("Banner of Labour") in 1953 and before 1968 functioned as its test-flight base. It was involved in the production of the MiG-21U MiG-21M, MiG-21MF, MiG-21MT, and MiG-21F-13. The plant today is a modern aviation productive complex with close-loop manufacturing process of parts and units, their assembly, with ground and in flight trying out of the MiG-29 fighters, ground and in flight testing of the light civil aircraft Il-103, I-1l and other middle sized aircraft.

The Lukhovitsy Machine-Building Plant (LMZ) has been extensively involved in the manufacture of light civilian aircraft. The LMZ s first experience in the production of general aviation aircraft was the SL-90 two-seater developed by Interavia JSC, which later evolved into the I-1L aircraft powered by the Textron Lycoming IO-320-E2A engine, currently undergoing final certification tests. Cooperation with the Ilyushin Aviation Complex - the Il-103 aircraft developer - began in 1993 and has brought considerable results. On July 9, 1997, in accordance with the Federal Aviation Authority's Order #145, the Il-103 produced by the MAPO Midge s Lukhovitsy Machine-Building Plant was cleared for operation in Russia.


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