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Kaluga Turbine Works

255, Moskovskaya str.  
248010, Kaluga, Russia
Tel. 7-(0842) 16-74-01, 56-67-03, 55-16-88
Tel./fax 7-(08422) 3-22-70, 7-(0842) 55-11-70
Kaluga Turbine Works (JSC “KTW”) is one of the domestic largest manufacturer’s of power generation equipment – steam turbines to drive electric generators, driving turbines, package-type turbo generators, geothermal turbines. KTW’s history goes back to 1946 when the first tool shop was put into operation. In 1950 10 turbines (OR-300), designed and manufactured at the factory, were supplied to the Ukraine. By 1954 KTW turbines were widely operated in different branches of industry not only in Russia, but also in China, Poland, Hungary and Romania. It had a total installed capacity rated at 100 000 kW. Manufacture of high capacity turbines – 12 and 25 MW with steam pressure up to 9 MPa – marked an improvement in power generation equipment. Production of package-type turbo generators requiring factory refurbishment promoted construction of new engineering and assembly shops and development of unique testing department. In 1970 driving turbines for nuclear power plants were launched. KTW turbines and turbo generators were (are) installed at lighters, dry-cargo ships and tankers. Business contacts were established with Mongolia, Yugoslavia, Bolivia, Nicaragua and Finland.

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