Russian Defense Business Directory



Department of Commerce


(Business Information Service for the Newly Independent States)

Room 7413

14th and Pennsylvania Ave., N.W.

U.S. Department of Commerce

Washington, DC 20230

Contact: Linda Nemec, Director

Phone: (202) 482-4655

Fax: (202) 482-2293

Flash Fax: (202) 482-3145


Publications: BISNIS Bulletin; BISNIS Search for Partners; BISNIS Bank Flashfax; over 100 handouts on doing business in the newly independent states of the former Soviet Union

B. Bureau of Export Administration (BXA)

1. Defense Conversion Team

Room 3876

14th and Pennsylvania Ave., N.W.

Washington, DC 20230

Office of the Deputy Under Secretary

Contact: Daniel C. Hurley, Jr.; Shelley Deutch

Phone: (202) 482-1455

Fax: (202) 482-2387

Office of Strategic Industries and Economic Security

Contact: William Denk; Donald Stanton; David Gilmore; John Isbell

Phone: (202) 482-3695

Fax: (202) 482-5650

2. The "Russian Defense Business Directory"

Contact: Daniel C. Hurley, Jr. Donald C. Stanton

Room 3892 Room 3876

14th and Constitution Ave., N.W.

Washington, DC 20230

Phone: (202) 482-1455 (202) 482-3984

Fax: (202) 482-2387 (202) 482-5650


C. International Trade Administration

Office of Eastern Europe, Russia, & the Independent States

Room 3413

14th and Pennsylvania Ave. N.W.

U.S. Department of Commerce

Washington, DC 20230

Contact: Susanne Lotarski, Director

Phone: (202) 482-1104

Publication: Obstacles to Trade and Investment in the New Republics of the Former Soviet Union: A Review of Impediments as Seen by the U.S. Business Community, March 1992, Document number PB 92-161173. To order call or write the National Technical Information Service (NTIS): 5285 Port Royal Rd, Springfield, VA 22161; (703) 487-4650.

D. International Trade Administration (ITA)

Office of Export Trading Company Affairs

Consortia of American Businesses in the Newly Independent States (CABNIS)

Room 1800, HCHB

14th and Constitution Ave., N.W.

Washington, DC 20230

Contact: W. Dawn Busby, Director

Office of Export Trading Company Affairs

Phone: (202) 482-5004

Fax: (202) 482-4654

The Consortia of American Businesses in the Newly Independent States (CABNIS) initiative helps to create an export-friendly environment for U.S. firms interested in doing business in the former Soviet Union. Through CABNIS, the Department of Commerce has issued matching-grant awards of approximately $500,000 each to twelve U.S. nonprofit organizations.

The CABNIS award recipients are using the federal seed money over a three-year period to form and nurture U.S. business consortia of for-profit firms interested in doing business in the NIS, and to establish and operate consortia offices in the NIS. On-site, consortia staff provide a wide range of export facilitation services tailored to meet the needs of U.S. exporters. In addition, the consortia staff work with NIS government decision makers, entrepreneurs, trade and professional associations, and academia to develop meaningful business relationships, develop early commercial intelligence on new trade opportunities, participate in the development of local industry and product standards, and promote state of the art U.S. technology. Such activities serve to establish a strong and lasting business rapport between the participants resulting in long-term benefits.

The CABNIS consortia managed by nonprofit organizations representing the commercial interests of hundreds of U.S. firms that have expressed a desire to do business in the NIS. CABNIS commercial offices can be found in Russia, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan, and several grantees plan to establish satellite offices in other regions of the NIS. Included among the industries represented by CABNIS consortia are agribusiness, biotechnology, coal energy, environment, food processing, information systems, modular housing, semiconductor equipment and materials, and telecommunications.

Although still relatively new, the CABNIS consortia already have facilitated more than $20 million in U.S. business (as of April 1995) with more than $200 million currently in the development stage. Through the CABNIS business consortia, U.S. firms are positioned to pool their commercial expertise and other resources to gain a competitive edge in the NIS. CABNIS serves as a venue for U.S. companies which would otherwise would be unable to enter this market alone.

For more information on the CABNIS initiative, please contact the CABNIS office at (202) 482-5004.

E. Special American Business Internship Training Program (SABIT)

Room 3413

14th and Pennsylvania Ave., N.W.

Washington, DC 20230

Contact: Liesel Duhon, Acting Director

Phone: (202) 482-0073

Fax: (202) 482-2443

The International Trade Administration (ITA) coordinates SABIT, a program in which qualified U.S. firms host senior-level business executives and scientists from the Newly Independent States for three-to-six month internships. ITA intends to assist in the placement of approximately 300 interns in qualified firms throughout the United States.

Together with the Bureau of Export Administration, the SABIT program is sponsoring this year a special defense conversion SABIT program. Under this program, NIS industry executives and local government officials will be brought to the United States for two weeks of business training in Washington DC, followed by six weeks of internship with interested U.S. companies. The U.S. companies will share with these interns their experience in diversifying from military production to commercial markets.

Call or fax the SABIT office to request an application brochure.

F. United States and Foreign Commercial Service

Russia/NIS Program Office

Room 1235

14th and Pennsylvania Ave., N.W.

Washington, DC 20230

Phone: (202) 482-2902

Fax: (202) 482-2456


Location: Novinsky Bulvar, 15

Tel: (011-7-502) 224-1105

Fax: (011-7-502) 224-1106

Telex: 413 205 USCO SU

Time: Plus 8 hours (E.S.T.)

U.S. Mailing Address: AMEMBASSY MOSCOW

PSC 77 - FCS

APO AE 09721

Contacts: Dale Slaght, Eric Robison Weaver, Sr. Commercial Officers

Rich Steffens, Commercial Officer

Olga A. Varfolomeyeva, Aerospace Industry

St. Petersburg

Location: American Consulate General St. Petersburg

57 Bolshaya Morskaya Street

Int'l Tel: (011-7-812) 850-1902

Int'l Fax: (011-7-812) 850-1903

Local Tel: 110-6727

Local Fax: 110-6479

Time: Plus 8 hours (E.S.T.)

U.S. Mailing Address: American Consulate General St. Petersburg

PSC 78, Box L

APO AE 09723

Contacts: Karen Zens, Principal Commercial Officer

Robert May, Commercial Officer


Location: American Consulate General Vladivostok

Mordovtseva 12

Int'l Tel: (011-7-509) 851-1212

Int'l Fax: (011-7-509) 851-1211

Local Tel: 7-4232-254-625

Local Fax: 7-4232-254-661

Time: Plus 15 hours (E.S.T.)

U.S. Mailing Address: Tim Smith, Commercial Officer

AmConsul Vladivostok

State Department

Washington, DC 20521-5880

American Business Centers™ (ABCs)

American Business Centers provide the businessperson with a professional working environment and the services essential for doing business in the Newly Independent States of the former Soviet Union.

Congressional Research Service

U.S. Library of Congress

203 Madison Building

Washington, DC 20540

Contact: Dr. John P. Hardt

Phone: (202) 707-8888

Publication: A New Conversion Strategy: The Yeltsin-Gaidar Economic Crisis

Department of Defense

The Honorable William J. Perry

Secretary of Defense

Room 3E944

The Pentagon

Washington, DC 20301-1000

Contact: Sally Horn, Director of Cooperative Threat Reduction, OSD/Policy

Phone: (703) 614-8620

Department of Energy

The Honorable William White

Deputy Secretary of Energy

Department of Energy

Room 7B-252

1000 Independence Avenue, S.W.

Washington, DC 20585

Contact: Deputy Assistant Secretary David Jhirad

Phone: (202) 586-5493

Department of Labor

The Honorable Delbert L. Spurlock, Jr.

Deputy Secretary of Labor

U.S. Department of Labor

Suite S-2018

200 Constitution Avenue, N.W.

Washington, DC 20210

Contact: Ambassador John Ferch

Phone: (202) 219-7631

Department of State

The Honorable James Collins

Ambassador at Large for NIS Affairs

Richard Morningstar

Coordinator for US Assistance for the Newly Independent States

U.S. Department of State

Room 1004

2201 C Street, N.W.

Washington, DC 20520

Contact: Bill Caesar, Bill Taylor

Phone: (202) 647-2414, (202) 647-2626

Export-Import Bank

Room 1209

811 Vermont Avenue, N.W.

Washington, DC 20571

Contact: Michelle Roling

Phone: (202) 565-3913

Foreign Broadcast Information Service (FBIS) and Joint Publication Research Service (JPRS) publications contain political, military, economic, environmental, and sociological new, commentary and other information, as well as scientific and technical data reports. All information has been obtained from foreign radio and television broadcasts, news agency transmissions, newspapers, books, and periodicals. Items generally are processed form the first or best available sources. The FBIS Daily Report contains current news and information and is published Monday through Friday in eight volumes: China, East Europe, Soviet Union, East Asia, Near East & South Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America, and West Europe. JPRS publications, which include approximately 50 regional, worldwide, and topical reports, generally contain less time-sensitive information and are published periodically. The public may subscribe to either hardcover or microfiche versions of the FBIS Daily Reports or JPRS reports through the National Technical Information Service (NTIS), 5285 Port Royal Rd, Springfield, VA 22161; Phone: (703) 487-4630.

Industrial College of the Armed Forces

National Defense University

Fort McNair

Washington, DC 20319-6000

Contact: Dr. Clair K. Blong and James R. Lecky, Faculty Members

Phone: (202) 475-9169 and (202) 475-1848

Fax: (202) 475-9175

In the spirit of the June 1992 Summit declaration, the National Defense University began a long-term effort to exchange information with the Russians on national and enterprise/firm conversion experiences and study Russian defense industrial conversion at the regional (oblast and city) and enterprise levels.

The research focuses on the micro level, that is, the managers and decision-makers in the conversion process in four regions (Nizhniy Novgorod, Kaluga, Voronezh and Moscow Oblast science cities). Interviews help provide an understanding and appreciation how the managers perceive this process of economic adaptation and what they are doing to address its difficult challenges. The research addresses such issues as: how do the Russians define conversion, how are they managing the conversion process, what strategies are they employing at the enterprise level, how are local governments involved in the process, how is the labor force adapting or transitioning in this situation, and what is the status of the local economy?

Overseas Private Investment Corporation

1100 New York Avenue, N.W.

Washington, DC 20527

Contact: Dan Riordan, Vice President for Insurance

Phone: (202) 336-8620

Fax: (202) 408-5142

The Overseas Private Investment Corporation is an independent agency of the U.S. government that promotes economic growth in developing countries by encouraging U.S. private investment. The agency assists American investors as follows: financing investments through direct loans and loan guarantees; insuring investments against a broad range of political risks, and providing a variety of investor services. These services are all available for Russia.

Small Business Administration

409 Third Street, S.W.

Suite 7000

Washington, DC 20416

Contact: Philip Lader Jean Smith

Deputy Administrator Export Development Specialist

Phone: (202) 205-6431 (202) 205-6720

Fax: (202) 205-6802

U.S. Agency for International Development

Center for Trade and Investment Services

515 22nd St., N.W.

Room 100

Washington, DC 20523-0229

Contact: Paul Ashin, David Rybak

Phone: 1-800-872-4348

Local: (202) 647-9970 and (202) 663-2660

Fax: (202) 736-7650 and (202) 663-2670

U.S. Arms Control and Disarmament Agency

Defense Programs and Analysis Division

Nonproliferation Policy Bureau

Room 4953

320 21st Street, NW

Washington, DC 20451

Contact: Dr. Robert A. Summers, Chief

Phone: (202) 663-3445

Fax: (202) 663-3938

U.S.-Russia Defense Conversion Committee

This is an interagency committee chaired on the U.S. side by Secretary of Defense William J. Perry. The U.S. Vice Chair is Deputy Under Secretary of Commerce for Export Administration Barry E. Carter.

Contact: Sally Horn, Director for Cooperative Threat Reduction, OSD/Policy

Phone: (703) 614-8620

Fax: (703) 693-1002

U.S. Trade and Development Agency

Room 309, SA-16

1621 N. Kent Street

Arlington, VA 22209

Contact: Dan Stein, Projects Director

Phone: (703) 875-4357


Interdepartmental Analytical Center (IAC)

16, Petrovka St.

P.O. Box 163

Moscow, 103756, Russian Federation

Contacts: Dr. Aleksey K. Ponomarev, Director

Dr. Sergey K. Kolpakov, Deputy Director

Phone: (011-7-095) 200-44-66

Fax: (011-7-095) 200-44-65


The Interdepartmental Analytical Center (IAC) provides analytical and information support to Russian governmental departments and commercial structures in the fields of conversion, innovation and investment projects, technology transfer; science and technology policy, and international economic relations. IAC also provides management consulting services in the aforementioned areas.

The first English edition of the book Conversion in Russia contains much useful information on Federal Conversion policy and posture, state control over the conversion process, and a Federal conversion program with its regional aspects. The particular accent is made on scientific, technical and export potential of the defense complex, its production competitiveness, technology transfer and international cooperation in the conversion sphere. The appendices list the defense enterprises whose conversion programs have already met Federal support, contain the set of data on legislative regulation of foreign economic activity in the Russian Federation and the creation of companies with foreign investments. This 120-page book is available at $40.00 c.o.d. To order this book, contact Tatiana V. Kruglikova at the above numbers.

Intergovernmental U.S.-Russia Business Development Committee

(See following pages for organizational charts of U.S. and Russian members of Working Groups and contact points. See Chapter Seven for organizational charts of Russian groups and contact points.)

Embassy of the Russian Federation

1125 Sixteenth St., N.W.

Washington, D.C. 20036


2650 Wisconsin Ave., N.W.

Washington, D.C. 20007

Contacts: Vadim Udalov

First Secretary

Phone: (202) 298-5700

Fax: (202) 298-5735

Alexander L. Tarasov

Director of Economic Section

and Congressional Liaison

Phone: (202) 298-5741

Fax: (202) 298-5752

Russian Trade Representation in the USA

2001 Connecticut Ave., N.W.

Washington, DC 20008

Contacts: Yuriy V. Akhremenko, Trade Representative of the Russian Federation in the United States and Minister Commercial

Phone: (202) 232-0975

Telex: 451-324

Fax: (202) 232-2917

Eugene A. Baranov, Deputy Trade Representative of the Russian Federation in the United States and Commercial Counselor

Boris V. Vladimirov, Senior Specialist: aerospace, telecommunications, nuclear industry, chemical and environment

Pavel A. Yelkin, Senior Specialist: conversion, technology transfer cooperation, electronics, information industry, foreign investment through Russian privatization program.

Phone: (202) 232-5988, (202) 232-7170

Fax: (202) 232-2917



Promyshlennya Ul., 14A

St. Petersburg 198095

Contact: Konstantine Karczmarczyk, General Manager

Phone: (011-7-812) 186-2830, 252-9477, 252-9587

Fax: (011-7-812) 186-2807

Boston University

Defense Technology Conversion Program

143 Bay State Road

Boston, MA 02215

Contact: Prof. Clark C. Abt, Director

Phone: (617) 358-5118

Fax: (617) 353-2243

Business Executives for National Security

601 Pennsylvania Ave., N.W.

Suite 700

Washington, DC 20004-2602

Contact: Kevin Pedraja

Phone: (202) 737-1090

Fax: (202) 737-1079

BENS is an national, non-partisan association of business leaders working to improve national security by promoting better management of defense dollars and advocating measures to make the economy stronger and more competitive.

Business Sense Inc.

1121 Randolph Rd.

McLean, VA 22101

Contact: Francis Jeffries, President

Phone: (703) 734-0898

Fax: (703) 734-0898

The Russian Economic Conversion - Executive QuickLook Tutorial provides a microcomputer-based overview of Russian economic conversion consisting of a brief history, examples of conversion projects, names of Russian conglomerates, cities where conversion is taking place, political and economic conditions of the former Soviet states, and important steps to take when dealing with Russia and CIS member states. This software tutorial runs on microcomputers under Microsoft Windows 3.1 or higher.

Carroll Publishing Company

1058 Thomas Jefferson Street, N.W.

Washington, DC 20007-3832

Phone: (202) 333-8620

Fax: (202) 337-7020

Publication: Russian Government Today. (This directory will be published in the winter of 1994.)

Center for Economic Priorities

30 Irving Place

9th Floor

New York, NY 10003

Contact: Domenick Bertelli, Director of CEP's Conversion Information Center

John Tepper Marlin, Chairman of the CIC Board of Advisors

Phone: (212) 420-1133

Fax: (212) 420-0988

CEP monitors conversion activities in the United States, Russia, and around the world, publishing Research Reports, occasional papers, and policy recommendations.

Center for International Security and Arms Control

Stanford University

320 Galvez Street

Stanford, CA 94305-6165

Contact: Katherine Smith, Director

Phone: (415) 723-9742

Publication: Russia Defense Conversion Update, a monthly research review.

Commersant (The Russian Business Weekly)

4 Vrubelya Street

Moscow, 125080 Russia

Contact: Vladimir Yakovlev, Chairman of Commersant Publishing House

Phone: (011-7-095) 943-9779

Fax: (011-7-095) 943-9719 Telex: 411712 POSTF SU

Commersant bases its stories on materials provided by Kommersants-Daily and Kommersants newspapers. Kommersants was first published in 1908. Suspended in 1917 for reasons beyond its control, it resumed publication in January 1990. Commersant is published as a joint project with Refco Group Ltd. (USA).

Dixon & Company

119 Fifth Avenue

New York, NY 10003

Contact: Mark Dixon, Editor Lindsey Whyte, Information Manager

Phone: (212) 388-1500

Fax: (212) 254-3386


Contact: Alexander Storoshenko

Phone: (001-7-095) 931-9603

Fax: (011-7-095) 931-9603

St. Petersburg

Contact: Christian Braun

Phone: (011-7-812) 119-8180

Fax: (011-7-812) 119-8181

For information concerning offices in Moscow, St. Petersburg or London, please contact New York office.

Publications: East European Investment Magazine, Russian Investment Opportunities Catalog, East European Adviser, EEIM Database, and EEIM Conversion Opportunities Database.

East European Investment Magazine publishes investment opportunities in the former East Bloc with a major focus on Russia. The focus of this magazine is on opportunities for privatization and joint ventures in the region. There is a regular special section on military conversion opportunities. The EEIM publishes a special section called the "Russian Investment Opportunities Catalog."

East European Adviser is a quarterly update of the latest trends of investing in the region. It also looks behind the statistics and asks the advisers and consultants to explain the working of the deals.

EEIM Database is the only comprehensive database of investment activity in Eastern Europe and the NIS. The database covers joint ventures, acquisitions, and green field investments in the former East Bloc. There are over 4,700 investment files contained in the database. EEIM collects information from over 180 financial and business publications in a wide variety of languages and directly from investors and privatization agencies. The EEIM Database publishes over 50 industry and country reports that spotlight investment activity in any industry, East European or NIS country or investing nation.

EEIM Conversion Opportunities Database contains over 1,000 investment opportunities at military producers and institutes in Russia, the NIS, and Eastern Europe that are undergoing conversion. This database is designed as a way for investors to pin-point appropriate enterprises that are converting to an investor's particular business activity.

Enterprise Funds

Responding to the need for new and creative methods of financing commercial opportunities in the NIS, the U.S. government has assisted in the development of six new enterprise funds. These funds are designed to overcome the general unavailability of foreign and domestic capital for private and privatizing firms. By linking western investors with NIS enterprises, these funds help demonstrate that investment in the NIS can be profitable and sustainable over the long run. Four of the six new enterprise funds will be available for projects in Russia. These are: the Russian-American Enterprise Fund; the Fund for Large Enterprises in Russia; the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development's (EBRD) Small Business Fund for Russia, and the Defense Enterprise Fund.

These funds have certain distinguishing characteristics:

- Non-profit corporation with private sector board (voluntary);

- Full-time staff, based in U.S., with offices in NIS;

- Provide equity and credit, using grant from USG;

- A "development" goal -- e.g., stimulate private sector, develop restructuring procedures, or convert military production;

- A financial goal -- to raise private funds for long-term, and

- Application for financing same as for commercial funds in U.S. - will favor U.S. firms as co-investors

A. Russian-American Enterprise Fund

ATTN: Robert Towbin, CEO

17 State Street, 26th Floor

New York, NY 10004

Phone: (212) 483-1177

Fax: (212) 483-0999

Russian-American Enterprise Fund

Tsvetnoy Boulevard, 25/3, 5th Floor

Moscow, Russia 103051

Phone: (011-7-095) 929-9888

Fax: (011-7-095) 929-9828

Satellite Phone: (011-7-501) 929-9888

B. Fund for Large Enterprises in Russia

ATTN: Austin Beutner, CEO

17 State Street, 26th Floor

New York, NY 10004

Phone: (212) 668-8395

Fax: (212) 668-0770

C. EBRD's Small Business Fund for Russia

D. Defense Enterprise Fund

Randolph Reynolds, CEO

ATTN: Arthur H. Sweeney, Jr.

6601 West Broad Street

Richmond, VA 23261

Phone: (804) 281-2129

Fax: (804) 281-2245

Contact: Kevin McDonald, CEO

Phone: (617) 527-3307

Fax: (617) 527-2722

The Eurasia Foundation

1527 New Hampshire Avenue, N.W.

Washington, D.C. 20036

Contact: Kathryn Wittneben, Senior Program Officer

Phone: (202) 234-7370

Fax: (202) 234-7377

The Eurasia Foundation is a privately managed grant-making organization established with financing from the U.S. Agency for International Development (AID). The Eurasia Foundation supports technical assistance, training, educational and policy programs in the New Independent States (NIS) of the former Soviet Union (excluding the Baltic States) covering a wide range of activities in economic and democratic reform. Eurasia Foundation grants will be made to American organizations with partners in the NIS and directly to NIS organizations. The Eurasia Foundation's initial programmatic focus will include the areas of private sector development, public sector reform, and media and communications.

European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)

One Exchange Square

London EC2A 2EH

United Kingdom

Contact: Tom Kelsey, Office of the U.S. Executive Director

Phone: (011-7-44-71) 338-6569, 338-6569

DOC: Michelle Miller, (202) 482-1246

EBRD, the newest of the world's five multilateral development banks, began operation in April 1991. It is the first international institution to provide financing exclusively in Eastern and Central Europe and the former Soviet Union. Based in London, the EBRD is capitalized at ECU 10 billion (about 13 billion U.S. dollars). 53 member countries, the European Economic Community and the European Investment Bank are represented on its board of directors. The United States, which holds ten percent of the shares, is the largest single member country shareholder, while the European Community nations have 51 percent.

The U.S. Executive Director supports the U.S. business community, assuring that U.S. companies directly benefit and participate in the Bank's procurement activities and financing. Companies are encouraged to bring potential projects to the Office of the U.S. Executive Director. Information regarding Bank policies and procedures is available from a number of sources, including the Office of Multilateral Development Banks, USDOC, and the National Trade Data Bank.

FYI Information Resources

1413 K Street, N.W., 10th floor

Washington, DC 20005

Contact: Jonathan Halperin, President

Phone: (202) 682-2394

Fax: (202) 682-2399

FYI Information Resources, a private firm, undertakes proprietary research and project development assignments related to business, political, and environmental affairs in the Newly Independent States (NIS). Founded in 1988, FYI has assembled a research and business operations staff devoted exclusively to NIS affairs that communicates regularly with a network of NIS professionals in a wide variety of industry and service sectors. FYI has a full time staff in Russia, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan.

FYI provides a wide range of services and also publishes and distributes a number of directories, reports, and periodicals which focus on doing business in the former Soviet Union.

Geonomics Institute

14 Hillcrest Avenue

Middlebury, Vermont 05753

Contact: Robert A. Jones, Chairman of the Board

Michael P. Claudon, President

Phone: (802) 388-9619

Fax: (802) 388-9627

The Geonomics Institute is a private, nonpartisan, nonprofit organization devoted to seeking solutions to international economic problems. Established in 1987, the Institute brings together small groups of business people, scholars, and policymakers from around the world for frank discussions in a seminar setting.

Publications: Competing for Soviet Business: Reshaping U.S. Foreign Economic Policy and American Business Attitudes, Kathryn Wittneben, Geonomics Institute, December 1991. "Defense Conversion: Achieving U.S.-Russian Cooperation for an Orderly Build-down and Economic Renewal," a report on Geonomics' Gateway Seminar held October 15-18, 1992.

International Action Commission for St. Petersburg

Co-Chairs: Dr. Henry Kissinger and Mayor Anatoliy Sobchak

Contact: George Handy Eugene A. Baranov

David Pepper Deputy Trade Representative

CSIS of Russia in the U.S.A.

Phone: (202) 775-3178 (202) 232-0975

The Commission is working on plans to clarify critical issues and to recommend near-term actions to reduce obstacles to foreign investment in the St. Petersburg region.

The Commission operates through the following joint Western-Russian Working Groups and University Consortia:

Public Education for Business Growth Unstable Business Conditions

Infrastructure Defense Diversification

Energy Conservation and Management Banking and Investment

Modernization and Development of the Port Agribusiness Development

International University Consortium

International Center for Information, Inc. (ICI)

4040 IDS Center

80 South 8th Street

Minneapolis, MN 55402

Contact: Zenas Hutcheson, President

Phone: (612) 376-0643

Fax: (612) 339-8240


ICI publishes information and conducts research on Russian natural resources exploration and exploitation, the economics of industry capabilities and opportunities, and science & technology achievements and availability.

ICI publications include the annual Geological Enterprises of Russia and Russian and CIS Hard Mineral Geological Enterprises, a quarterly publication providing summary descriptions of mineral reserves for which Russia is seeking Western development partners. ICI additionally has a series of databases on proven and prospective mineral reserves.

ICI also prepared a transportation directory for the CIS that is a comprehensive directory with detailed information on transportation hubs affecting importing and exporting to and from the CIS. The directory listings describe:

-- seaports

-- rail stations

-- airports

-- customs posts

-- foreign trade transportation offices

Information on the transportation hubs include seasons open (seaports), types of loading/unloading equipment available, and other specifications. Listings of customs posts and transportation offices include addresses and phone/fax numbers. A series of regional maps illustrate the transportation routes.

International Executive Service Corps

Stamford Harbor Park

333 Ludlow Street

Stamford, CT 06902

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 10005, Stamford, Connecticut 06904-2005

Contact: Laurent Michel, Vice-President, Fred Hudson (After July 1995)

Christa Capozzola, Asst. Vice-President

Dafna Tapiero, Project Officer for Western Russia

Robert Monyk, Project Officer for Western Russia

Phone: (203) 967-6000

Fax: (203) 359-3233



Victor Tchelistcheff, Country Director

Fred Hudson, Resident Advisor, Defense Conversion

Phone: (011-7-095) 250-8120

(011-7-095) 246-5592

Fax: (011-7-095) 251-2103

(011-7-095) 245-7336

Nizhniy Novgorod

David Musante, Regional Country Director

IESC Defense Conversion Team

Administration of Nizhniy Novgorod Region

603082, Nizhniy Novgorod

1, Kremlin


Phone: (011-7-8312) 36-35-42

Fax: (011-7-8312) 36-35-42

St. Petersburg

Donald Shaughnessy, Regional Country Director

IESC Defense Conversion Team

Phone: (011-7-812) 233-2425 (Office and Home)

Fax: (011-7-812) 119-6084


Dmitri Skor, Regional Country Director

IESC Defense Conversion Team

620014, Yekaterinburg

Magister Hotel, 50 8 Marta Street

Phone: (011-7-3432) 22-67-46

(011-7-3432) 22-67-36

Fax: (011-7-3432) 22-67-46

E-Mail: /dd.un.iesc.iesc/o=customers/admd=sovmail/c=su/


Ruth Lundin, Regional Country Director

IESC Defense Conversion Team

Phone: (011-7-8442) 36-72-31

(011-7-8442) 36-46-91

Fax: (011-7-8442) 93-62-52


Donald Hansen, Regional Country Director

IESC Defense Conversion Team

Phone: (011-7-4232) 26-74-76

Fax: (011-7-4232) 23-13-59

The International Executive Service Corps (IESC) has been retained by the Defense Nuclear Agency to facilitate joint business initiatives that meet the requirements of the Nunn-Lugar program. IESC's tasks include assisting with one or more of the following: 1) provide additional information to U.S. industry on Russian enterprises qualified for this program; 2) facilitate contacts between the parties; 3) provide on-site technical assistance to Russian companies in such areas as to a) how to conduct business talks with Western companies, b) how to develop business plans and other presentations for potential partners; c) how to establish contact with potential U.S. partners; and d) assistance in resulting conversations and negotiations.

IESC is a not-for-profit organization created in 1964 to provide assistance to the private sector in developing countries. These activities are primarily funded by the Agency for International Development. IESC is currently active in 55 countries, and since 1992 has been particularly active in the New Independent States (NIS) of the former Soviet Union. Today, IESC has offices in eight republics of the NIS. IESC has six offices in Russia - Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Nizhniy Novgorod, Volgograd and Vladivostok - and has provided assistance to over 350 Russian enterprises, including several of the companies included in this directory.

IESC encourages U.S. companies to contact the Stamford office for more information on companies in the NIS.

International Integration Association (IIA)

P.O. Box 33

Moscow, 107120, Russian Federation

Contact: Sergey V. Kortunov

Phone: (011-7-095) 244-15-23

Fax: (011-7-095) 253-90-82

The Association unites Russian leading defense enterprises and research institutions in their effort to promote comprehensive integration of Russian hi-tech industries into the world market economy. The Association seeks to achieve this goal through establishing direct links and ties between its members at home and abroad, identifying promising areas and elaborating mutually beneficial joint projects and programs of international cooperation, utilizing for this purpose Russian advanced technologies, know-how, production and manpower potential in such fields as aerospace and nuclear industries, communications, transportation and ecology, as well helping to create favorable environment for foreign investment in the Russian economy.

International Science Foundation (ISF)

1054 31st Street, N.W., Suite 110

Washington, DC 20007

Contact: David Lindeman, Program Officer

Phone: (202) 342-2760

Fax: (202) 342-2765

ISF is an American charitable organization established by Mr. George Soros to enable the most meritorious scientists of the Former Soviet Union to remain in productive careers in science by awarding grants to scientists through a highly competitive research grant program. The ISF was formed to disburse more than $80 million dollars in direct cash, material and travel support to researchers from the Former Soviet Union. ISF grant programs have reached over 50,000 scientists and more than 2,000 organizations and institutions. Through its Grant Assistance Program (GAP), ISF facilitates assistance efforts undertaken by non-profit and government organizations in support of non-commercial scholarly research and education programs in the Former Soviet Union. ISF's infrastructure throughout the Former Soviet Union is able to transfer tax-free personal cash support, to purchase and deliver research material and equipment without VAT and customs duties, and to provide significantly discounted airline tickets to recipient organizations in the Former Soviet Union.

Jeffries & Associates, Inc.

17200 Hughes Rd.

Poolesville, MD 20837

Director: Francis J. Jeffries

Phone: (301) 972-8034

Publication: Soviet Economic Conversion: Perceptions, Problems, and Prospects, 1990

KPMG Peat Marwick

2001 M Street

Washington, DC 20036

Contact: Francis A. DiBello, Partner

Phone: (202) 467-3088

Fax: (202) 293-5457

KPMG Peat Marwick is an international accounting and management consulting firm. With 78,000 employees in 128 countries, the firm has expertise in the full range of functional applications ranging from Aerospace/Defense & Commercial space to manufacturing, health care, and education. KPMG has been working in Russia and Eastern Europe since the early 80s and currently maintains an office in Moscow and the capitals of many of the other eastern Europe nations.

The Mariska Group, Inc. (MGI)

96 Woodbine Road

Stamford, CT 06903

Contact: Mark D. Mariska, Chairman of the Board

Phone: (203) 329-7747

Fax: (203) 329-0568

MGI conducts commercial and consulting operations in the Russian Federation, working from offices in Connecticut and in Moscow. Through joint ventures registered with the Russian government, MGI is engaged in consumer marketing activities across Russia, including a retail store in Moscow selling Russian manufactured products. MGI has also formed AKVISTA Insurance Company, a multiple-lines insurance company, in Novokuznetsk (the Kuzbass Basin).

National Foreign Trade Council, Inc.

1625 K Street N.W.

Washington, DC 20006

Contact: J. Daniel O'Flaherty, Vice President

Phone: (202) 887-0278

Oxford Dictionary Project

c/o Office of the Graduate Studies

Fordham University

Lincoln Center Campus

140 West 62nd Street

New York, NY 10023-7485

16 Stuyvesant Oval, #9D

New York, NY 10009

Contact: Ilona Kloupte-Duffy

Phone: (212) 995-0023

Fax: (212) 995-0023

The Oxford Dictionary Project is presently preparing the first Russian-English English-Russian Dictionary of Business and Economic Terms. The Project is a joint effort by a team of scholars from the Russian Academy of Sciences at the Institute of World Economy and International Relations and a team from Fordham University School of Law. Once current funding obstacles are surmounted, the Project expects to have the Dictionary published by the Oxford University Press in mid-1995.

Russian Business Publications Associates

1316 Third Street

Suite 311

Santa Monica, CA 90401


Phone: (310) 395-0707

Fax: (310) 451-4580

Russian Business Publications Associates is a California-based company, specializing in providing information and consulting services to companies and entrepreneurs interested in the exciting emerging markets.

They have recently published the first issue of a newsletter called Business Opportunities in Russia (BOR). BOR offers a variety of concrete investment, joint-venture and trade opportunities, made available directly by the Russian principals for BOR subscribers. It tells of business opportunities in Russia and elsewhere in the former Soviet Union. Every issue will feature a business and economic profile of a Russian republic, region or oblast. BOR's staff is also ready to assist interested companies and individuals with marketing, feasibility, risk assessment studies, and provides negotiation and legal assistance in Russia.

Russia Business Publications Associates plans to begin publishing in June 1994 a newsletter on corporate security and risk assessment in Russia and a digest of recent Russian scientific achievements.

RinC International Publications

P.O. Box 21266

Washington, DC 20009

Contact: Oleg Konstantinov

Phone: (202) 483-5114

Russia in Conversion (RinC) is a twice-monthly newsletter providing information and analysis of defense industry and ownership conversion opportunities in Russia and the Independent States. It includes several sections (US and Western Aid; Legislation; Aerospace; MINATOM/Closed Cities; Business Profile; and Conferences), and has a network of correspondents in the ten largest industrial cities of the former Soviet Union.

Russian Trade Express

P.O. Box 151

191014 St. Petersburg, Russia

Contact: Valery Mirochnik, Chief Executive Officer in Russia

David Norwood, Chief Executive Officer in USA

Phone: Russia: (011-7-812) 164-2193, 164-4178

USA: (205) 905-0365

Soviet American Venture Initiative (SAVI):

University of Maryland-College of Behavioral & Social Sciences

USSR Academy of Sciences

Central Economics and Mathematical Institute (TsEMI)

Contact: Dr. Warren R. Phillips Dr. Zurab Yakobashvili

Department of Government and Politics USSR Academy of Sciences

2181 LeFrand Hall TsEMI

University of Maryland at College Park 32 Krasikova

College Park, MD 20742-8221 Moscow 117418

Phone: (301) 405-4137 129-64-91

A U.S.-Soviet joint venture promoting bilateral and multilateral economic and scientific interests in the U.S. and U.S.S.R. in the fields of: conversion; technology transfer; ecology; energy; agriculture, and agriculture distribution systems; building and land use development; telecommunications and networking.

U.S.-Russia Business Council

1701 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.

Suite 650

Washington, D.C. 20006

Contact: Eugene Lawson

Phone: (202) 739-9181

Fax: (202) 659-5920

United States Council for International Business

1212 Avenue of the Americas

New York, NY 10036-1689

Contact: Abraham Katz, President

Phone: (212) 354-4480

United States Industry Coalition (USIC)

1001 University Blvd, S.E.

Suite 101

Albuquerque, NM 87106-4342

Contact: Mike Deegan, President; Norm Falk, Project Proposals

Bob Happeny, Financial Sources; Curt Wann, Information Services

Jay Jarpe, Membership

Phone: 1-800-399-8742

Fax: (505) 272-7355

The USIC is an alliance of American companies formed to facilitate commercial interactions between U.S. businesses and entities in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), of the Former Soviet Union. Program funding was provided under Section 575 of the Foreign Operations Appropriations Act of 1994.

The program has emphasized commercialization ventures involving technology risk-share developments which are intended to produce and sell products resulting from NIS-developed technologies. Collaborative research efforts have involved U.S. industry, Department of Energy (DOE) national laboratories, and NIS institutes. In exchange for grants to aid research and development costs, U.S. companies were required to provide 50 percent of the project cost share. The remaining 50 percent was furnished by DOE, with at least half of these funds going to the NIS, and the remainder being remitted to the national laboratory partner. In short, national laboratories and NIS institutes are collaborating to perform the commissioned research, and the U.S. company will be the recipient of the fruits of that research.

USIC provides a variety of other services to its members. USIC information services has collected data from several U.S. and NIS sources relevant to doing business in the NIS.

United States Interbank Currency Exchange (USICE)

515 Lake St. South

Harbor Lights Building #103

Kirkland, Washington 98033, USA

Phone: (206) 828-6774

Fax: (206) 827-5524

E-Mail Internet: (or)

Moscow, Russia: fax: (011-7-095) 956-0351

St. Petersburg, Russia: fax: (011-7-812) 279-6516

Kiev, Ukraine: fax: (011-7-044) 294-90-57

Karaganda, Kazakhstan: fax: (011-7-3212) 52-46-62

The USICE repatriates profits and capital of American investments providing payment in dollars in U.S. or Europe in exchange for Russian rubles, Ukrainian coupons or Kazakhstani tenges paid within these countries. USICE is an affiliate of Russian Venture Capital Fund of America will co-invest in defense conversion in these countries and provide hands-on strong western operating companies to defense industries. Affiliate Palms & Co. Investment Bankers, provides consulting services in investment banking, capital syndication, privatization, corporate finance, business plans, feasibility studies, private placement memorandums, negotiating investment transactions, and securing concurrence of all instrumentalities of government having competence (jurisdiction) regarding export auction licenses, business registration, taxes, bank accounts, import and export duties, tariffs, moratorium on taxes, right to work permits visas. USICE has been licensed by Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations of Russia since 1989.



American Business Involvement in Defense Conversion in the Former Soviet Union: Opportunities, Constraints, and Recommendations. Presents problems and opportunities in Ukrainian and Russian defense conversion. Also discusses U.S. government and private sector involvement in Russian defense conversion. Kathryn Wittneben, American Committee on U.S.-Independent States Relations, December 1992. Phone: (202) 234-7370.

A Guide for National Export Control Programs. U.S. Department of Commerce, Bureau of Export Administration, September 1993. c/o Bruce Cromack; Phone: (202) 482-4252. (English-Russian language versions combined.)

Coordinating Defense Conversion Assistance with other U.S. and Multilateral Assistance to Key Russian Cities: A Reference Guide. U.S. Department of Commerce, Bureau of Export Administration, June 1994. Phone: (202) 482-1455; Fax: (202) 482-2387.

Post-Soviet Business Monitor. Focuses on topics connected with defense conversion in the former Soviet states. S.I.M./Exchange Publications and Business-TASS, 2014 P Street, N.W., Suite 300, Washington, DC 20036. Phone: (800) 776-1314; Fax: (202) 296-2805.

Post-Soviet Nuclear Complex Monitor. Focuses on nuclear materials management and facility cleanup, as well as dismantlement of the Soviet nuclear complex. S.I.M./Exchange Publications and Business-TASS, 2014 P Street, N.W., Suite 300, Washington, DC 20036. Phone: (800) 776-1314; Fax: (202) 296-2805.

Russia: An Economic Profile. August 1992. c/o National Technical Information Service, 5285 Port Royal Road, Springfield, VA 22161; Order Desk phone: (703) 487-4650.

Russia Country Commercial Guide FY '95. Provides helpful background information, including listing of leading trade prospects for U.S. business; U.S. Embassy Moscow, June 1994. c/o Valerie Buss; Phone: (202) 482-2902.

Trade With America: A Guide to U.S. Government Programs. (In Russian.) Provides Russian enterprises helpful information on U.S. government programs relating to export and business facilitation, financing, technical assistance, and personnel exchange. Published by the U.S. Department of Commerce's Business Information Service for the Newly Independent States (BISNIS) and the U.S. Information Agency, in cooperation with the U.S. Department of State and U.S. Agency for International Development; Phone: (202) 482-4655;

Fax: (202) 482-2293.

BISNIS: Search for Partners. BISNIS has created this publication to help U.S. and Russian companies find business opportunities in the expanding markets of the Newly Independent States (NIS) of the former Soviet Union. A Russian language form for this purpose is located near the back of the Directory. BISNIS, room 7413, Main Commerce building, Phone: (202) 482-4655; Fax: (202) 482-2293.

BISNIS: Commercial Opportunities. The U.S. Department of Commerce's U.S. and Foreign and Commercial Service (US&FCS), the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), the World Bank, and other institutions regularly provide BISNIS with information on export and joint venture opportunities. BISNIS, room 7413, Main Commerce building, Phone: (202) 482-4655; Fax: (202) 482-2293.

BISNIS Bulletin. BISNIS publishes this periodically, focusing on different aspects of doing business in the NIS countries. BISNIS, room 7413, Main Commerce building, Phone: (202) 482-4655; Fax: (202) 482-2293.

International Science Foundation: Long Term Research Grants. March 1994. Lists summary information for approximately 2,000 long-term research grants approved in Round 1, grouped by categories: Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Earth Sciences, Mathematics, Mechanics, and Physics. ISF, Grant Assistance Program, Phone: (202) 342-2760; Fax: (202) 342-2765.

Converting Defense Industry in Kaluga Oblast: A Preliminary Analysis. May 1994. This is a paper presented at the Government and Industry Seminar on Defense Industry Conversion, Kaluga, Russia. Clair K. Blong and James R. Lecky, Industrial College of the Armed Forces, National Defense University; (202) 475-1848.