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46/50 Borodinskaya Street
Vladivostok, 690105, Russia
Phone: (4232) 326312
Fax: (4232) 326307
Dalpribor is engaged in the design and manufacture of echo-sounders Sonars for fishing and merchant ships, other sonar equipment, and large stationary receiving planar arrays. Before Perestroika (1989) the company employed 4,500 people, and by 1995 it had only 1,700 people. The basic business of the company was building hydroacoustic devices (e.g., echo sounders, sonars, etc.) for the Navy and for fishing and merchant ships. At one time, the company was the largest supplier of such equipment for all newly built ships in the Soviet Union. There is no more military business since companies in European Russia can supply the limited Navy requirements. Civil shipbuilding is greatly reduced and the demand for fish-finding sonars is down as well.

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