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Raduga KSR-5 (AS-6 Kingfish)

The AS-6 air-to-surface missile is a supersonic, liquid-rocket propelled, cruise missile weighing approximately 13,000 lb. It has an estimated maximum speed of Mach 3.5 at an altitude of 65,000 ft. and an estimated range of 300 nm. It can carry an 1100-lb conventional or nuclear warhead. For guidance it uses a preprogrammed autopilot for launch and climb, an inertial guidance system or an autopilot with radio command override for mid-course, and an active radar system for terminal dive when used in an antiship role. It has a CEP of 150 ft when used in the antiship role, and a CEP of 1 to 2 nm when employed against land targets. The AS-6 probably is a follow-on to the AS-2 and AS-5.

This is a smaller version of the Kh-22 missile, intended for Tu-16 bomber aircraft. Series production of the KSR-5 (Article D-5) anti-ship version with active-radar homing began in 1966. Target indication is given by either a "Rubin" radar of the Tu-16K-26 or a YeN radar of the Tu-16K-10-26. The KSR-SP antiradar missile entered service in 1972, at which time was also built the KSR-5N version with a nuclear load. On the basis of the KSR-5 was later built the KSR-5NM airborne target for training exercises. Modified Badger C and Badger G aircraft carry two AS-6 missiles. The Backfire may also have been an AS-6 carrier, but evidence is lacking to confirm this estimate. Production is estimated to have begun in 1969,with IOC in Badger aircraft in 1970. IOC with Backfire is estimated in 1974.


operational Badger 1970
operational with Backfire 1974
Type long-range cruise missile
Wingspan 2.5 - 2.61 m
Length 10.0 - 10.52 m
Diameter 0.9 m
Launch weight3900-4800 kg
Max. speed3200 - 3400 km/h
Ceiling 20000 m
Maximum range 240-700 km
Propulsion two stage solid propellant rocket motor
Guidance active radar or anti-radar seeker
Warhead proximity-, impact- or impact with delay-fuzed high-explosive, 1000 kg, or
nuclear, 350 kT yield 700 kg
Service CIS, Iraq

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