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Raduga Kh-22 (AS-4 Kitchen)

Built by A. Berezhnyak's "Raduga" engineering group for Tu-22 and Tu-22M aircraft, this missile is now also arming modified Tu-95K-22 aircraft. During experimental tests conducted from the late nineteen fifties to the early nineteen sixties the Kh-22B version had reached a speed of Mach 6 and an altitude of about 70 km. The "Raduga" Design Bureau, first a branch of Mikoyan's OKB-2-155 Special Design Bureau, became an independent group in March 1957. Since 1974, after the death of Alexander Berezhnyak, its chief engineer is Igor Seleznyev. The Kh-22 missile comes in three variants: 1. Kh-22N with a nuclear warhead and inertial guidance; 2. Kh-22M with a conventional load for use against ships and with an active-radar operating during the final flight stage; 3. Kh-22MP for breaking through enemy air defenses (overcoming enemy radars).


Type long-range tactical standoff missile
Wingspan 3.0 m
Length 11.3-11.65 m
Diameter 0.92 m
Launch weight 5780-6000 kg
Max. speed 4000 km/h
Ceiling 24000 m
Maximum range 460-500 km
Propulsion liquid propellant rocket motor
Guidance active radar or passive infra-red homing
Warhead high-explosive, 1000 kg, or
nuclear, 350 kT yield

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