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The AS-3 air-to-surface missile is a large, supersonic, turbojet-powered, cruise missile weighing approximately 24,500 lb with a range of 100 to 350 nm. It carries a 5000-lb nuclear warhead. For guidance it uses a preprogrammed autopilot for launch and climb, an autopilot with command guidance for mid-course flight, and a preprogrammed dive to target. It has a CEP of 150 ft when used in an anti-ship role and a CEP of 1 to 3 nm when used against land targets. One AS-3 is carried aboard the Bear B and Bear C aircraft.


Type meduim- to long-range standoff missile
Initial operational capability 1960
First detected 1961
Production terminated 1965
Wingspan 9.2 m
Length 14.9 m
Diameter 1.9 m
Launch weight 11000 kg
Max. speed 2280 km/h
Ceiling 18000 m
Maximum range 650 km
Propulsion Tumansky R-11 twin spool turbojet with afterburner, 50.9 kN of thrust
Guidance beam riding
Warhead high-explosive, 2300 kg, or thermonuclear, 800 kT yield

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