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Mikoyan K-10S (AS-2 Kipper)

The AS-2 air-to-surface missile is a supersonic, turbojet-powered, low-level run-in, cruise missile with a range of 30 to 100 nm. The K-10S missile (Article 352), developed specially for the Tu-16K-10 (Badger-C) aircraft as weapon against naval vessels, was in October 1961, together with that aircraft certified for ordnance. One K-10S missile is suspended from the aircraft, under the middle section of the fuselage. It carries either a conventional or a nuclear 2200-lb warhead. The missile weighs approximately 9120 pounds. For guidance, it uses a preprogrammed autopilot for launch and climb, an autopilot with command correction for mid-course flight, and active radar for terminal flight. The guidance system combines inertial guidance during the initial flight stage and active-radar homing close to the target. The missile can carry a nuclear warhead. It has a CEP of 150 ft when used in an anti-ship role and a CEP of 1 to 2 nm when used against land targets.


Initial operational capability 1961
First detected 1961
Production terminated 1965
Type long-range anti-ship standoff missile
Wingspan 4.6-4.88 m
Length 9.5 m
Diameter 0.9 m
Launch weight 4200 kg
Max. speed 1400 km/h
Ceiling 12000 m
Maximum range 260-350 km
Propulsion Lyulka AL-5 RD-9FK liquid fuel turbojet
Guidance active radar homing
Warhead impact with delay-fuzed high explosive, 1000 kg or
nuclear 1000-kg warhead

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